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The BetaChannel webapp allows beta testers to more easily install privileged apps on their FirefoxOS devices.

Original prototype was called distribute to gecko (d2g).

Demo Screencast (4 minutes, Vimeo)

This is a part of Mobile/Projects/Application_management.

Use Cases


  • Project - bwalker
  • Development - ozten
  • QA - You ;)
  • Operations - oremj, jason, tad
  • Security - ptheriault, jstevensen


IRC Channel #betachannel

Issues? File a Bug

File a bug in on github with the following information

  • Environment (production release or production review, etc)
  • URL to the App in Marketplace or mini-manifest url
  • Other typical information (Fennec details, steps to reproduce, etc)



List of environments TBD

Tracking Bugs

  • bug 1004611 [tracking] Create d2g webapp - distribute to gecko - 1.0