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Project Kidfox or Kinderfox is an internal project name for family-friendly browsing on Firefox for Android when users create a restricted profile on tablets.

Status Report for Fennec - Kinderfox - for the period ending 28/07/2015

Overall Project Health

This Week Last Week



Exec Summary/Hot Topics

  • Work is currently 5% complete, and 39% in review
  • A meeting was held Tuesday AM with Product Management to discuss risk status, clarify some scope details, and prioritize, though no scoped requirements were cut at this time. A follow-up is scheduled for Friday.

Risks & Issues

Description of Risk/Issue State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
Project timeline is very short. Delivery of all features for Aug 10 is risky. Open/Monitor All Decision needed: Can the scope be adjusted and still meet mvp level, or does this need to slip to 43? Follow-up meeting planned for Friday, July 31st Jul 31st

Accomplished for the Last Period

  • Landed 1125294
  • Initial meeting held with Product Management to discuss risk and scope

Planned for Last Period but Not Accomplished

Planned for the Upcoming Period

  • Clear bugs in review queue & continue to land assigned bugs per the backlog
  • Follow-up meeting on Friday, July 31st to revisit risk status of the project

Status Details

Summary of Engineering Work

  • Done - 5%
  • In Review - 39%
  • Assigned - 30%
  • Available - 26%

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