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Meeting Notes with Nvidia

Meet the team

Mozilla (primary contacts bold)
  • Marcia Knous ( - QA Tegra Functional Test Lead
  • Joel Maher ( - QA Tegra Automation Lead
  • Tony chung ( - QA Execution
  • Aakash Desai ( - QA Execution
  • Clint Talbert ( - QA Tools
  • Suyog Tajne ( - Smartbook SQA Lead
  • Sagar Kempe ( - Performance Lab
  • Gordon Grigor ( - VP Engineering


  • Introductions. (Nvidia in Pune, In., Mozilla in Mountain View, CA)
  • Nvidia test approach
    • currently focused on running device testing, and some browser tests
    • Gets Firefox.CAB files from vlad when builds are ready
    • browser testing focuses on 56 topsites from
    • Video streaming tests, with Flash and Quicktime plugins
    • Some normal user functionality: uploading files, downloading, toolbar
    • Comparing results side-by-side with Firefox desktop version
    • How long to run browser tests? 3-4 days
    • Keeping track of existing testcases in an excel spreadsheet. Internal
      • Categorized into Audio, Video, Language, DB
      • Tried to look at litmus, but couldnt figure out how the structure works. Needs some guidance from Mozilla QA
    • Performance testing approach, current focus on browser startup and page loads. Done on daily basis.
    • Test Farm runs many different devices, 24x7
  • Mozilla test approach
    • Currently focused on browser testing, everything firefox
    • Testplan is being developed on the wiki (marcia)
    • Testcases are created in litmus, captured in a Tegra testrun. Will have a smoketests and BFT testsuite for the testrun.
    • Plans to get Talos performance and Unittest runs against the device in 3-4 weeks. Still trying to figure out how to get WinCE automation running on the devices.
    • Working through list of open Tegra affected bugs in bugzilla. Link to open bugs here.
  • Email is the best form of communication for now, given the 12.5 hour differential
  • Next status meeting by phone in 2 weeks.

Action Items

  • Send list of in-house testcases and test results to mozilla (via email)
  • Talk to Gordon on getting tools to Mozilla:
    • Flash and Quicktime video plugins
    • More Tegra Devices. Mozilla QA only has 1 breadboard right now. Can we get another? Also when will the netbook packaging be available?
  • Create Tegra testrun in Litmus with updated testcases. Incorporate any feedback from Nvidia also. Send link out to Nvidia team with instructions to run.
  • Working on getting Talos performance infrastructure running on WinCE. ETA 2-3 weeks (Work with Aki from RelEng)
  • Working on getting Unitests running on WinCE. ETA 2-3 weeks (Work with Jmaher and Aki)