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This wiki is used to track the Nvidia Tegra project

Meeting Agendas/Notes

Test plan


Flashing the board

Firefly is NVIDIA's Tegra Smartbook reference design. It includes a reference Smartbook board called Oban, and a SW release based on CE6 called Firefly.

Concorde is NVIDIA's Tegra Smartphone reference design, whjich runs WM6.5, CE6, ...

To flash the board, see here.

Installing Firefox

To Load Firefox on WinCE,

 Grab the latest Firefox.CAB build from
 Click the .CAB file and install to a Firefox directory
 Startup Firefox, and verify the buildID is current


Manual Testcases will be ran through litmus smoketests and BFTs. These will cover user functionality, layout, and website compatibility.

Automation testing is planned for mochitests on the device to be ran from a remote connection. Logistics for this is still in the works.

There will be joint testing with Nvidia India. More later after the call.

Nvidia contacts

  • Sagar Kempe (Performance Lab)
  • Suyog Tajne (Smartbook SQA lead)

Known issues

  • No Crash reporter
  • Safebrowing disabled
    • hides statusbar
    • hides personal toolbar (bookmarks)
    • uses small icons
    • sets browser.tabs.autoHide to true
    • Throbber placed after the search bar

Work to be done

  • Need more devices to test on. When will device be packaged?
  • Setting up mochitests on winCE


See here for info on building from source.


Bugs marked with "[nv]" in the whiteboard field.