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  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • IRC channel #mobile
  • Vidyo: Room Warp Core


  • AIs from last meeting
    • Check Feature Spreadsheet vs. Wiki - see below 'Mobile Feature Documentation' (Stuart, Thomas) - see below

Firefox 5 (launched June 21): User Feedback Update

Firefox 6 goes to BETA on July 5

Firefox 7 goes from NIGHTLY into AURORA on July 5

Rapid Release Cycle Survey (take it here) - spend two minutes to tell us what worked well, what needs improvement for future releases

  • What is our single source of truth? - Spreadsheet vs. Wiki (see Action Item above)
  • Mobile Test Pilot - HELP TEST!


Release Engineering

Priorities page

  • expecting "go to build" 6.0b1 on tuesday, expect to ship approx thursday
  • localised Marketplace promo text still an issue bug 663984


  • testplan for Firefox 6 features is complete
  • started tracking Firefox 7 features and creating test plans for those features
  • Moz Japan talking to Softbank Mobile carrier for testing Fennec, all the help appreciated testing foreign devices
  • Q3 project to reconfigure and introduce a scalable listing of supported devices bug 653459

Marketing & PR

  • Welcome Jaclyn!
  • Firefox (6) for Android Beta blog post -one post being drafted for 7/5
  • Firefox Gone Mobile - SF & London - great success! Report from Wilson/Dan coming soon
  • Media Buy starting mid-July
  • Touch Events Dev Derby - August (Wilson)

Feedback Summary

Feature Feedback

Feature Name Release Channel Feedback
Do Not Track Beta
Better First Run Discoverability Aurora
  • None
IndexedDB Local Storage Aurora
  • None
Better Form Assistant Integration with Android Aurora
  • None
Visual Refresh for Gingerbread Aurora

General Insights

  • The difference in praise for 5.0 since the release just keeps on increasing!
Clustered Praise Found Release Channel
  • Speed Improved!
  • Input: 32

Clustered Issues Found Release Channel Bug Id
  • No Flash
  • Input: 37
  • SUMO: New 111 Dn
All bug 630007
  • Clear History
  • Input: 27
  • SUMO: New 10 Up
Beta bug 656901
  • Exit button
  • Input: 29
Beta bug 659670
  • No Private Browsing
  • Input: 14
Beta bug 582244
  • No Copy & Paste
  • Input: 33
  • SUMO: New 16
  • No way to set default zoom
  • Input: 4
Beta bug 666600
  • Text Selection
  • Input: 20
All bug 661388
  • Need APK download
  • SUMO New 14
  • Java doesn't work
  • SUMO New 18


UX and User Research


  • ongoing work on tablet UI; Brian planning to have a draft spec by late next week
  • ongoing work on android widget, webapp creation (some detail in a feature page)
  • see Matt's in progress specs for readability options in Design section of Fennec/Features/readability
  • Ian back on Monday, July 4th


Users in the House! second session - yesterday. 1 think-aloud on early working prototype on mac laptop on Home with user's data.
General feedback from user:

    • used to use igoogle on her old Dell, but when she switched jobs and got a new Mac didn't
    • confused when saw multiple gmail "boxes" - spam, inbox-3, inbox-0 etc
    • what does it mean to "search your web"?
    • explain to mom "visually a list of my favorites - but in large button format"


Summary below, full update here and in your inbox.

Opera released Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1, announced a partnership with a top Brazilian Internet website and announced that its former CEO is departing

Android: device activations reached 500,000/day, Market downloads reached 4.5 billion

Search: Google and Baidu are optimizing their mobile search and Baidu is developing own Android flavour

Asia, particularly Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China, is proving to be a key market for mobile players like Apple and HTC

Nokia is planning new Symbian devices with good specs and Intel is launching a chip aimed at Windows 8 tablets