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  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • IRC channel #mobile
  • Vidyo: Room Warp Core


  • AIs from last meeting
    • Check Feature Spreadsheet vs. Wiki - see below 'Mobile Feature Documentation' (Stuart, Thomas) - see below
    • Make difference between final and Beta clear for users
    • Publish Fx5 in the Ovi Store (Nokia: "Will publish today, June 23)
    • Share results of Mobile Rapid release survey

Firefox 5 (launched June 21): User Feedback Update

Firefox 6 goes to BETA on July 5

Firefox 7 goes from NIGHTLY into AURORA on July 5

Rapid Release Cycle Survey (take it here) - spend two minutes to tell us what worked well, what needs improvement for future releases

  • What is our single source of truth? - Spreadsheet vs. Wiki (see Action Item above)
  • Mobile Test Pilot - HELP TEST!


Release Engineering

Priorities page

  • very cool that both Firefox5.0 (desktop) and Fennec5.0 (mobile) are built from the *same* changeset
  • status w/Fennec5.0 in ovi store?
  • localised Marketplace promo text still an issue? bug 663984
  • question from tchung: when change from buildbot0.7 automation to buildbot0.8 automation?


Marketing & PR

  • Firefox (6) for Android Beta blog post - bring drafted
  • Firefox Gone Mobile, June 25,  SF
  • Firfox Gone Mobile, June 27-29, London
  • Media Buy starting July 11
  • Touch Events Dev Derby - August (Wilson)
  • Last day: July 1 - Mayumi + Jaclyn taking on mobile

Feedback Summary

Feature Feedback

Feature Name Release Channel Feedback
Do Not Track Beta
Better First Run Discoverability Aurora
  • None
IndexedDB Local Storage Aurora
  • None
Better Form Assistant Integration with Android Aurora
  • None
Visual Refresh for Gingerbread Aurora

General Insights

Clustered Praise Found Release Channel
  • Speed Improved!
  • Input: 14

Clustered Issues Found Release Channel Bug Id
  • No Flash
  • Input: 217
  • SUMO: New 81 Dn
All bug 630007
  • Clear History
  • Input: 27
Beta bug 656901
  • Exit button
  • Input: 24
  • SUMO: New 10 -
Beta bug 659670
  • No Private Browsing
  • Input: 12
Beta bug 582244
  • No way to set default zoom
  • Input: 4
Beta bug 666600


UX and User Research


  • ongoing work on tablet UI, android widget
  • UX offsite: good discussion of harmonizing desktop/tablet/mobile -- lots of ideas from mobile UI moving into desktop


Users in the House! I'd love to set up a dedicated time every week (maybe Wed from 2-4pm) where we can invite consumers and developers to chat with us one on one.

We can use any of the following research techniques - in-depth interviews, diary studies, think-aloud usability tests or designing with the help of the user (also called participatory design).


Summary below, full update here

In competitor news, Dolphin released the beta of Dolphin HD 6.0 and Microsoft launched a mobile demos website.

The next Nexus device, featuring Ice Cream Sandwhich, expected this fall with an up to 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU and 1 GB RAM.

Nokia has announced the Nokia N9, its MeeGo device, days before a video of Stephen Elop presenting its Q4 upcoming WP7 device was leaked.

SE Asia continues to grow in the mobile area and it is expected to maintain long-term high growth patterns

RIM is facing loses in marketshare and sales, while HP is releasing the Touch Pad tablet, welcomed with reserved reviews


  • How do we reduce the number of meetings?
    • How many people find these updates useful ? Is the wiki enough, or does it help to have a voice?