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  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) 92 Conf# 95312 (US)
  • IRC channel #mobile
  • Vidyo: Room Warp Core


  • AIs from last meeting
    • Define single source of truth: Check Feature Spreadsheet vs. Wiki - see below 'Mobile Feature Documentation' (Stuart, Thomas) - see below
    • Aurora on Android Market (drive decision) -

Firefox 5 (launched June 21): User Feedback Update

Firefox 6 went to BETA on July 7

Firefox 7 went from NIGHTLY into AURORA on July 5

Mobile Roadmap
Mobile Demos:
Mobile Test Pilot - HELP TEST!

Maemo support

  • end of official support discussion


Release Engineering

Priorities page

  • waiting for "go to build" 6.0b2
  • localised Marketplace promo text still an issue bug 663984
  • What's New text (localized?) for every release? (500char max)
  • Carryover from Weds mtg: Maemo support level


  • testplan for Firefox 6 features is complete
    • working on cleanup and organization of feature pages
    • Beta 2
      • Work has started on testing, target ship date?
    • Beta 3 target date?
  • started tracking Firefox 7 features and creating test plans for those features

Marketing & PR

  • Firefox Gone Mobile - SF & London - great success! Report from Wilson/Dan coming soon
  • Media Buy starting mid-July
  • Touch Events Dev Derby - August (Wilson)
  • Mobile Add-Ons campaign for Fall
  • Q3: no big campaigns, focusing on optimizing existing channels to drive usage

Feedback Summary

Feature Feedback

Feature Name Release Channel Feedback
Do Not Track Beta
Better First Run Discoverability Aurora
  • None
IndexedDB Local Storage Aurora
  • None
Better Form Assistant Integration with Android Aurora
  • None
Visual Refresh for Gingerbread Aurora

General Insights

  • The difference in praise for 5.0 since the release just keeps on increasing!
Clustered Praise Found Release Channel
  • Speed Improved!
  • Input: 32

Clustered Issues Found Release Channel Bug Id
  • No Flash
  • Input: 37
  • SUMO: New 112 down
All bug 630007
  • Clear History
  • Input: 27
  • SUMO: less than 10 new
Beta bug 656901
  • Exit button
  • Input: 24
Beta bug 659670
  • No Private Browsing
  • Input: 12
  • SUMO: less than 10 new
Beta bug 582244
  • No Copy & Paste
  • Input:
  • SUMO: less than 10 new
All bug 582244
  • No way to set default zoom
  • Input: 4
Beta bug 666600



UX and User Research


  • UX workweek in Toronto this week
    • working/revising through Brian's tablet draft specs
    • series of blog posts on this starting tomorrow
  • madhava to follow up on readability email sent out (you know who you are, brad and doug)
  • ongoing work on android widget, webapp creation (some detail in a feature page) -- talking to apps team about resourcing


Got great feedback on Firefox Home.

Have your friends and family sign up up to do some user testing on upcoming mobile studies.

Next Wednesday - Users in da House - 2pm-4pm PST


Summary below, full update here and in your inbox.

  • Opera partnered with Poland's top social network and added features to its cloud-based ad platform for Opera Mini
  • Dolphin HD released v5.1
  • A new version of the Android Market was released
  • Baidu partnered with NTT DoCoMo to build mobile content for Chinese users
  • The tablet market sold less than expected in Q1, but still on a growing path


  • How do we reduce the number of meetings?
    • How many people find these updates useful ? Is the wiki enough, or does it help to have a voice?
  • Aurora in the Android Market
    • mechanically, doing a manual daily upload will be painful to RelEng.