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What's Up

In short: Building NSPR for Symbian.

Complete one: Building NSPR with source from for Symbian OS/S60 3rd Edition FP1 platform by using gnu-make/msys.



  • Install all prerequisites, I recommend installing everything on Drive C, default path.
  • Add paths to environment variable $PATH, some of them are added by tools installation:
    • c:\mingw\bin (MUST be the first, or at least earlier than any Symbian build tool chain related path)
    • c:\program files\csl arm toolchain\bin (this should be added by GCCE tools installation)
    • c:\symbian\9.2\s60_3rd_fp1\epoc32\tools (MUST place this earlier than "c:\program files\common\symbian\tools" which is added by SDK installation)
    • c:\mozilla-build\svn-win32-1.4.2\bin
    • c:\mozilla-build\moztools\bin
  • Add environment variables:
 SYMBIAN_SDK_PATH = /c/symbian/9.2/S60_3rd_FP1/
 ACTIVE_PERL = /c/perl/bin/perl.exe
 CC_INSTALL_PATH = /c/program\ files/CSL\ ARM\ Toolchain/
 static const char* const KSuppressPlatSecDiagnostic =


 #if defined(__cplusplus) 
 static const char* const KSuppressPlatSecDiagnostic =
  • Deal with header files
cd \symbian\9.2\s60_3rd_fp1\epoc32\include
move prtypes.h prtypes.h.orig
cd variant
copy Symbian_OS_v9.2.hrh Symbian_OS.hrh
  • Checkout source from google code
 svn checkout mozilla-symbian
  • Start msys by invoking c:\mozilla-build\msys\msys.bat, assuming your source is checked out at c:\mozilla-symbian then:

For device(GCCE) build:

 cd /c/
 mkdir gobj
 cd gobj
 ../mozilla-symbian/nsprpub/configure --target=arm-none-symbianelf
 --enable-symbian-target=GCCE --disable-debug
 cd pr/tests

For emulator(WINSCW) build:

 cd /c/
 mkdir wobj
 cd wobj
 ../mozilla-symbian/nsprpub/configure --target=arm-none-symbianelf
 cd pr/tests


The procedures above are also verified on S60 SDK 3rd Edition MR.