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The notes below are from an inactive project to port Fennec to Symbian phones. This project is no longer under active development. Any plans and dates below are not accurate.


Our goal is similar as Fennec on other mobile platforms : making a working XULRunner port running in a cell phone based on S60 3rd Edition platform whose underlying operating system is Symbian OS.


The schedule is - of course - subject to change.

Phase 1: Fennec compiling and linking

Task Start Finish Bug
NSPR 11/03/08 03/06/09 bug 442706
JS 11/23/08 02/21/09 bug 479585
HTML/XML Parser 02/23/09 03/16/09 bug 483590
XPCOM 02/23/09 05/15/09 bug 479584
Code review 03/13/09 06/15/09

Phase 2: Render Page

The goal of phase 2 will be the ability to render a HTML page on a Symbian device. In order to reach the goal, it may be necessary to write a small native Symbian app that embeds Gecko.

Goal: End of May 2009.


List of S60 phones, our current target is S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 (Version 3.1), based on Symbian OS 9.2.

Bug 432606 is the umbrella bug of this porting effort.

Initial efforts:

Build for Symbian OS

Porting NSPR to Symbian OS

Porting NSS to Symbian OS

Porting Cairo to Symbian OS