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Calling all Mozillians

Firefox for Android is extremely important to Mozilla’s mission. We are delivering an exceptional mobile Web experience for users, with the performance, personalization and security they expect. We are also providing developers a platform to keep the mobile Web open by establishing Gecko as a top-tier mobile Web platform on Android. And we do all of this work in the shared Mozilla source repositories so all platforms, desktop and mobile, benefit each other.

Mozilla is embarking on the ambitious target to re-architect Firefox using a native Android user interface. This evolved product will deliver improvements to start-up time, memory usage, UI responsiveness and battery usage. Our plan is very ambitious, and will require everyone’s help and efforts for success.

In a short period of time, we have made enormous progress; but the mobile development team really needs more bugs filed so testing Nightlies in the meantime is ever more crucial to the product’s development. Nightly builds are generally used by developers and contributors who build and test Firefox to verify and test bugs. Nightly users should expect exciting changes with every update, as well as instability, possible regressions, and many bugs. Nightly users now can already feel the drastic differences from XUL-based Firefox, and identifying more bugs is critical to continue improving the product.

Get Involved in the Mobile Test Drivers Program!

We're looking for a diverse group of Mozillians (not just engineers) to join the program. We'll have some loaner phones for those participants who don't already have an Android smartphone.

As a Mobile Test Drivers Program participant, you'll be expected to

  • test daily (or nearly daily, we understand there's other Mozilla work to be done) - make orders off of Amazon, surf Facebook, buy movie tickets, check your bank balances, etc.
  • file bugs as soon as you run into them
  • participate on the mailing list - does today's build feel faster than last week's? would you make today's release your default browser?
  • have a good time! this is cutting edge Mozilla software, and it's amazing for us all to have the opportunity to help out.

Please start by filling out this form.

Shortly after being added to the program, you'll get announcement emails from the mailing list.

You'll probably want to bookmark these documents:

  • how to install/update to the latest and greatest every day (simple)
  • how to test (mostly just use it as your primary mobile browser, but we'll have pointers)
  • how to file bugs that engineering can take action on (it's easier than you think)

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