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These instructions will help explain how to effectively participate in the Mobile Test Drivers Program.

Directed tasks

  • set up Sync (on another Firefox installation go to Preferences/Sync/Pair a device)
  • use Flash
  • play games
  • fill in forms
  • place order of Amazon
  • surf facebook
  • find and buy movie tickets
  • check your bank balances
  • make reservations at a restaurant
  • play a video from twitter app
  • visit an url from your email
  • read the news
  • go to your favorite blogs
  • open lots of tabs
  • keep the app open overnight
  • login to email via the browser
  • check the weather
  • read horoscopes
  • open and respond to an online invitation (eg: evite)
  • explore travel destinations
  • check the scores for your favorite sports team
  • read recipes from your favorite food blog
  • ... anything you'd normally do on a smartphone

And of course, when you find them, file a bug through the browser :)

Provide Daily Feedback

First make sure you're on the latest build. Then click here for a link to the latest survey.

Respond to Feedback Requests from

In announcements, we'll sometimes ask for specific feedback. Please respond and help us out!

And if you run into a bug...

Check out our bug filing tutorial for help!