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Here is another proposal briefly discussed on the March 17th conference call.

While we like the embossed logo idea in the previous proposal we felt it had aesthetic issues - the semi-transparent logo does not look good on all web pages, and sometimes merges with the content in busy web pages.

We propose a variant where the logo is opaque, and is only half visible at the bottom of the page. The logo is surrounded by a white border to clearly distinguish it from the web page.


Tapping on the logo activates:

  • a quick access menu around the logo, which shows the top 3 frequently used functions
  • back & forward navigation arrows
  • the title and URL bar at the top

The wheel can be rotated with your finger to show other (less-frequently) used functions.


This design was named the "rising sun design" on IRC :)

Some feedback is already available on DougT's blog (

Submitted by Venky (irc:venky), Niranjan (irc:njan) & Xiaogang (irc:xzhou)