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What is this?

This page is a starting point/index for User Experience work going on the mobile projects -- Fennec (mobile Firefox) and Firefox Home.

More background to come, soon.

Mobile UX Team

  • Ian Barlow (bugzilla: ibarlow | irc: ianbarlow)
  • Brian Dils (bugzilla: bdils | irc: briandils)
  • Madhava Enros (bugzilla: :madhava | irc: madhava)

Firefox for mobile devices (Fennec)

Active Projects

Project References/Work-in-progress Owner
Touch Events madhava
Gestures briandils
Interim tablet improvements Fennec/Features/TabletUI/UI_Improvements_ForHoneycomb briandils
First run: Language Choice briandils
First run: UI Discoverability briandils
Redesigned Awesomescreen (phone and tablet) madhava/ianbarlow
Better Android integration of form assistant madhava
Android native polish madhava
Android-style body text copy/paste madhava
Visual refresh (Gingerbread/Honeycomb) ianbarlow
Rewrite/mobilize UI text madhava
UI Transitions/animations  ?
Camera UI ianbarlow
Integrate Personas madhava
Safebrowsing UI (anti-malware/phishing) * bug 651860 madhava
Accessibility improvements briandils

Future Projects

Completed Projects

Firefox Home

Active Design Projects

Project References/Work-in-progress Owner
User Experience and Visual Design (this is a big one - need breaking down) madhava

to be created:

  • layout for basic frecency-derived list/grid
    • hi-res artwork (icons, thumbnails, and/or image snippets)
    • access to just bookmarks, history, remote tabs
    • badging
    • inline content
    • access to webapps
    • how do snippets appear
    • things shared with the user
  • smarter algorithm for frecency list
  • sharing from the app
  • personas support
  • native wrapper (iOS)
    • UX of native wrapper (iOS) (splashscreen, desktop icon, badging?)
    • multiple tabs/documents in native wrapper (iOS)
  • account creation UX
  • login/logout process
  • settings? needed?

Future Design Projects

Other Design

  • jgrlicky (again) working on a add-ons discovery pane for the browser



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