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  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 265 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 265 (US)
  • IRC channel #fxhome
  • Room: MTV 3Z - Zombocom
  • Vidyo: tbd


  • What is remaining for next milestone
    • BrowserID update
    • iOS App update
    • Privacy

Engineering Update

Front end



Version 0.2 "released". Sorting out issues for larger testing.

iOS App

UX and User Research



Diane would like to teach a session "on interviewing" on Aug 29th from 130-230pm PT following the pancake meeting. We can do it over Vidyo. Think about what we want to know. And I'll help us get to how do we learn that without asking the user to predict their future behavior.


  • Started testing again:
    • bug 678679 - Cannot relog into about:pancake after logging out of about:pancake while still having a session open.
    • bug 678609 - Any errors causes a disconnect
    • bug 678416 - Pancake addon does not appear in the add-on bar for the nightly
    • bug 678411 - Pancake addon icon fires up multiple instances of about:pancake


  • Need to build software architecture diagrams
  • Need to build user data flows


Raw Notes: Meeting integrated browser id passwords and keys have been removed not pushed out to production server need to make the full switch

Addon - mostly id stuff is quite good some issues with the import of history which can be quite big should we import everything? 6k history entries can be hard need to make a decision; can turn off sync and choose addons performance issues, disconnect from the addons main issue is to reproduce it

change has been made for http logs to be more complete pancake addon, new: it allows you to upload your bookmarks, current tabs instead of getting from sync not on amo;

browser id seems to work

iPhone App - browser id story one thing we can do is make the id to native app until we can make a new browser id version

front end - Jason was able to get in new grid layout working on browser history, navigation back and forth - trying to get implemented

any outstanding issues? - question for jason ; test with bigger tiles? Rss title and image next to each other? modified through DOM, not tested w/ real data magical reordering on the server? we don't know how big the window is, so we can't plan the columns. Something that has to be done on the front end have the client send the size to the server when doing the search query for first iteration, having 1 size is ok

- nothing huge on design, => styling suggestions for login page => iOS app is going to be the big thing -> rough ideas on webview; need to go through more mockups

QA -> ran into issues with login disconnects and relogin, filed bug on relogin issue.

Privacy issues.

Security: next steps, for initial design, need to see the application layer and the user data flow. setup a bunch of stuff for security and privacy issues

Risk assessment meeting that's separate from security. (privacy focused)

pretty on track for wrapping things up to run w/ broader audience

Working of different areas, based on every thing we are working on, what would be the best ideas to place in? Meeting on thursday to line up and work on things in parallel. Prototype and experiment. Brainstorm ideas, crazy ideas, etc. Think about what the next things are, security, front end, visual things we want to push forward on