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Milestone Status Details Owner
Support Firefox 6 Mobile Completed updates to mobile documentation for FF6 release Michelle Luna
Support Firefox 7 Mobile Completed updates to mobile documentation for FF7 release Michelle Luna
Provide Regular User Feedback Reports Delivered weekly reports to SUMO, Mobile, and Planning teams. Contributed mobile performance data to first MoCo SUMO report resulting in

increased awareness of performance dissatisfiers mined from Android Market supporting greater product team focus on startup performance.

Michelle Luna
Improve Paths to Support Fixed broken paths to mobile support from, facebook, release notes, and firefoxforandroid contributing to 25% increase in views of mobile support landing page. Michelle Luna
Grow and Strengthen Community of Experts Blogged about mobile support, removed barriers to entry for new KB editors, changed approvals process to be more welcoming to new contributors, hosted meetup group and increased from 3 to 17 members, began outreach to two new forum contributors and dev.planning team, started outreach efforts to existing KB article contributors Michelle Luna

This plan describes the scope and schedule of tasks to make Android a top tier platform on SUMO.

Expand Self-Service Support Content

This plan proposes development of the following new mobile support articles.

Topic Article Status Notes
New to Firefox Mobile How do I use the Start screen? 20% complete researched
New to Firefox Mobile How do I use gestures in Firefox Mobile? 30% complete draft posted
New to Firefox Mobile Getting started with Firefox for Mobile 100% complete draft of updated animation to support Quit option posted
Common Questions How do I view the full version of web sites? 20% complete researched
Troubleshooting Firefox for Mobile is slow 40% complete draft posted
Troubleshooting How do I download Firefox mobile without access to the Android Market? 0% complete researched
Troubleshooting How do I uninstall/reinstall? 20% complete researched and have screens
Privacy and Security How do I clear the browser cache? 20% complete : hardware settings, manage applications researched and have screens
Privacy & Security Ho do I clear recent history? 20% complete : Clear Mobile History add-on researched
Privacy & Security How does Firefox provide secure mobile browsing? 10% complete initial research
Privacy and Security What are app permissions and when should I accept them? 0% complete 672391
Privacy & Security How do I tell Firefox Mobile to forget my password? 0% complete Settings > Preferences
Privacy & Security How do I protect my passwords on Firefox Mobile? 30% complete draft posted
Privacy & Security How do I control pop-ups in Firefox Mobile? 20% complete (site options button, clear site prefs, reload page)
Using Firefox Mobile How do I control ads in Firefox Mobile? 20% complete ad blocker add-on
Using Firefox Mobile How do I copy and paste text on mobile? 100% complete second draft out for review with updated screenshots
Using Firefox Mobile How do I add a bookmark to my phone's home screen? 30% complete
Customizing Firefox Mobile How do I change my language on mobile? 100% complete article with screenshots posted for review
Customizing Firefox Mobile How do I use mobile personas? 0% complete
personas add-on
Advanced How do I move FF Mobile to an SD card? 20% complete researched
Templates Update templates to add topics and repurpose old blocks now that we have the new header 20% complete created mockup and reviewed with verdi

Firefox 6.0 Mobile Documentation

Update documentation and screenshots for the following FF6 features.

  • Hardware menu changes and Site ID menu changes.

See the Article Tracking page for status.

Firefox 7.0 Mobile Documentation

Develop the following documentation for FF7 release and deliver to localization teams.

  • Update Will Firefox work on my mobile device? article for new device support
  • Text Selection for copy/paste
  • Language picker button on first run start page and in preferences
  • Quit option in identity menu/hardware menu
  • Session history: no documentation required

See the Knowledge Base Dashboard for status.

Firefox 8.0 Mobile Documentation

  • add bookmark to home screen
  • master password

Optimize for Small Screens

Optimize Knowledge Base articles for mobile by replacing appropriate multi-screen shots and mobile feature videos with animated gifs. The view of forum questions should be optimized for mobile devices.


Priority Issue Status Notes
3 Fix mobile view of Fixed filed 672863
3 Fix mobile view of support forums NEW 675801

Updated this bug with different screen shots and focus on the individual post screen to help the most users.

3 Replace Awesome screen 700px wide screenshot with 250px wide animated gif 50% complete gallery image
3 Replace 700px wide install screenshot with 250px wide animated gif 20% complete
3 Replace Getting Started with Firefox Mobile video with animated gif 30% complete test animation

Improve Paths to Mobile Support

Creating clear and intuitive paths to mobile support is an important part of making Android a top tier platform on SUMO. The web pages in this section should be updated to provide the best experience for Android users who need support.

The Mobile Release Notes should take users to page rather than directly to the forum page at

Android relnotes.gif

The Mobile release notes FAQ section should include a pointer to

Android RN faq.gif

The Mobile platforms page should be fixed to correctly point to A redesign of page should also be considered for scalability.

Mobile platforms.gif

The Get Involved web page for mobile at should include SUMO information.

Get involved.gif

The Mobile FAQ should include an Additional Resources section with SUMO links and refer to SUMO for help with using Firefox Mobile.



The Website section of the Firefox Mobile Facebook page should be updated to include a link to


In-product Pages

The about:home page for mobile should be updated to include an icon for Help and track 563661 about:support page development for mobile.

About home.gif

Android Market

  • Use auto-responder on alias which directs users to SUMO and Input
  • Add information about to description of Firefox in Android Market

Site Issue Status Notes and auto-responder include broken link to support [DONE] fixed with a redirect 669783 FF Mobile Release Notes link to forums page instead of mobile support page 100% complete fixed for version 7 FAQ section of Release Notes should link to mobile support articles landing page Mobile FAQ should link to mobile support articles landing page in Additional Resources Get Involved should include information about SUMO Info page for Mobile Firefox on Facebook should point to support 100% complete fixed
In-product about:home changes to the Get Help button
In-product about:support
Android Market Description add support information to description 672950

Grow and Strengthen Community of Experts

This plan proposes community development efforts beginning in 2011Q3 which will create a foundation for supporting the emerging mobile community over time and encouraging long-term stability.

  • Outreach to local groups, and start new groups


  • Establish role in the community by introductions on forum and video blog, weekly blogging, monthly dashboard updates and daily forum/discussion posts
  • Remove barriers to contribution
  • Outreach to global groups
  • Create calendar for forum helpers, so folks can sign up for times
  • Create list of items that need doing: documentation, canned responses, meeting agendas
  • Start sumo meeting weekly for mobile community development
  • Develop Volunteer Guidebook with welcome, getting started, coordinator expectations, moderator expectations, volunteer commitment expectations, organization, meetings, forums, and if you are having trouble meeting your commitment
Site Issue Status Notes
Local outreach Need to develop community in Bay area 10% complete, one meeting held, planning second at SF location Sept. 7th Firefox for Android Superheroes
Local outreach Session at all-hands 10% complete proposal for session to discuss this mobile support plan and get buy-in
Global outreach Need to develop global support community 50% complete, two new forum contributors starting this quarter Nicholae and Anna (add links to profiles) Video introduction {done} Blog first 3 months on SUMO Mobile 30% complete personas, QA tools, project planning, article updates processes Utilize dashboard to simplify & remove barriers to contribution 50% complete proposal Need to update procedures document with simplifications.
google calendar calendar of sumo forum contributors to mobile 0% complete Volunteer Guidebook 0% complete

Provide Regular Reports

This plan includes reporting summary data of support insights to drive mobile development priorities with product, engineering and QA teams on a weekly basis.


  • Action items -- what problems can we solve now, how can they be solved.
    • Focus on specific/reproducible items
    • Urgent items need to be brought to light quickly
  • List of issues/bugs and numbers (some sense)
    • Gather data from and android market
    • Gather info from tag usage (if possible)
    • What are the solutions being proposed
  • Data from forums and input and market
  • Search terms
  • Article visits
  • Overall traffic
  • Top dissatisfiers from android market 1-star reviews

Report Effectiveness of Mobile Support Offerings to SUMO

  • Solutions posted
  • Questions answered
  • Helpful articles
  • New questions asked
  • Most viewed articles versus most asked questions

Out of Scope

This plan precludes any work on Live Chat for Mobile.

Revision History

Version 1.0, July 8th based on David's Version 6.0 Mobile Support Plan from January

Version 2.0, July 18th based on initial research

Version 3.0, July 22nd update metrics specifics and proposed articles

Version 4.0, July 24th add graphics and banners

Version 5.0, July 25th add schedule and scope

Version 6.0, August 2, add verdi's comments

Version 7.0, August 8, add topal's comments