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Only module owners may edit this page.

They may:

  • update any information about their module except the name of the owner
  • add or remove sub-modules
  • change the owner of a sub-module
  • add emeritus owners or peers

Other changes, including changes of module owner or addition/removal of modules, must be agreed with the Module Ownership Module group, probably via a discussion in mozilla.governance.

Name: Mozilla Reps (#)
Description: Reps are passionate Mozillians who mobilize and develop functional and local/regional Mozilla communities. They are committed to educate and empower people to support Mozilla’s mission and contribute to the project based on Mozilla’s leadership agreements. They are also creating collaborations with other local communities to expand Mozilla’s outreach in the open source ecosystem.
Owner: Ioana Chiorean
Peer(s): Henrik Mitsch, Michael Kohler, Ankit Gadgil
Bugzilla Component(s): Mozilla Reps::Budget Requests, Mozilla Reps::Mentorship, Mozilla, Mozilla Reps::Swag Requests
Discussion Group: reps-general