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Only module owners may edit this page.

They may:

  • update any information about their module except the name of the owner
  • add or remove sub-modules
  • change the owner of a sub-module
  • add emeritus owners or peers

Other changes, including changes of module owner or addition/removal of modules, must be agreed with the Module Ownership Module group, probably via a discussion in mozilla.governance.

Name: Content Services Infrastructure (#)
Description: A set of data services that allow for content to be served and measured
Owner: Nan Jiang
Peer(s): Tim Spurway
Peer(s) Emeritus: Doug Turner, Olivier Yiptong
Source Dir(s):,,,
Bugzilla Component(s): Content Services
Name: DevTools (#)
Description: Mozilla Developer Tools
Owner: Patrick Brosset, Joe Walker
Peer(s): Paul Rouget, Panagiotis Astithas, Mike Ratcliffe, Victor Porof, Nick Fitzgerald, Jim Blandy, Alex Poirot, Brian Grinstead, J. Ryan Stinnett, Jan Keromnes,Tim Nguyen, Jordan Santell, Tom Tromey, Jaroslav Šnajdr, Lin Clark, Jason Laster, Jan 'Honza' Odvarko, Julian Descottes, Greg Tatum, Gabriel Luong, Nicolas Chevobbe, Yulia Startsev, Soledad Penadés, Julien Wajsberg, Razvan Caliman, Micah Tigley, Steve Fink (heapsnapshot code)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Mihai Șucan, Rob Campbell, Heather Arthur, Anton Kovalyov, Brandon Benvie, Eddy Bruel, James Long, Matteo Ferretti
Source Dir(s): devtools
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Developer Tools
Discussion Group: dev-developer-tools
Name: Firefox for Android (Fennec) (#)
Description: Mobile Web Browser
Owner: James Willcox (:snorp), Sebastian Kaspari (:sebastian)
Peer(s): Chenxia Liu (:liuche), Nick Alexander (:nalexander), Michael Comella (:mcomella), Grisha Kruglov (:grisha)
Source Dir(s): mobile/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox for Android
Discussion Group:
Name: Firefox for iOS (Fennec) (#)
Description: Mobile Web Browser
Owner: Stefan Arentz
Peer(s): Farhan Patel Justin D'Arcangelo, Emily Toop, James Hugman
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox for iOS
Discussion Group:
Name: Firefox Accounts (#)
Description: The Firefox Accounts identity provider and the integration of user-data services tied to a Firefox account. Where this work overlaps with existing modules (FX front-end, FX Android front-end, FXOS), design and code reviews from all relevant module owners will be required.
Owner: Ryan Kelly
Peer(s): Shane Tomlinson, Vlad Filippov, Phil Booth, Vijay Budhram
Source Dir(s):,,,,,
Name: Mozilla Location Service (MLS) (#)
Description: The Mozillla Location Service provides a service to position your device based on cell and wireless information.
Owner: Hanno Schlichting
Peer(s) Emeritus: Victor Ng (2013-2014), Graydon Hoare (2014)
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Mozilla Services :: Location,
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Mozilla Stumbler ("MozStumbler") (#)
Description: The Mozilla Stumbler (MozStumbler) collects wireless network information for crowd-sourcing location positioning with Mozilla Location Service (MLS).
Owner: Garvan Keeley
Peer(s): Victor Ng, Doug Turner, Chris Peterson
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Sync (#)
Description: Firefox Sync client
Owner: Ryan Kelly
Peer(s): Mark Hammond
Source Dir(s): services/sync/
Bugzilla Component(s): Sync
Name: Remote Protocol (#)
Description: Low-level remote protocol exposing interfaces for inspecting state and controlling execution of web documents, instrumenting various subsystems in the browser, simulating user interaction for automation purposes, and for subscribing to updates from the aforementioned.
Owner: Andreas Tolfsen
Peer(s): Alexandre Poirot, Yulia Startsev
Source Dir(s): remote/
Bugzilla Component(s): Remote Protocol
Discussion Group: dev-remote
Name: Rhino (#)
Description: JavaScript interpreter/compiler implemented in Java
Owner: Greg Brail
Peer(s): Norris Boyd, Attila Szegedi
Source Dir(s): js/rhino/
Bugzilla Component(s): Rhino
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine
Name: Screenshots (#)
Description: Code relating to Screenshots functionality, both client (eg. Firefox) and server.
Owner: Ian Bicking
Peer(s): Jared Hirsch, Barry Chen, Punam Dahiya
Source Dir(s): browser/extensions/screenshots
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Screenshots, Cloud Services::Server: Screenshots
Name: URL Classifier (#)
Description: Database and list-based classification of URL resources, such as Tracking Protection and SafeBrowsing.
Owner: Dimi Lee (client), Luke Crouch (server)
Peer(s): Gian-Carlo Pascutto (client)
Owner(s) Emeritus: François Marier
Peer(s) Emeritus: Henry Chang, Ryan Tilder
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/url-classifier, netwerk/url-classifier,
Discussion Group:
Name: WebCompat Addons (#)
Description: Compatibility interventions (webcompat system addon) and bug reporting capabilities (Report Site Issue addon).
Owner: Mike Taylor
Peer(s): Dennis Schubert, Thomas Wisniewski
Source Dir(s): browser/extensions/webcompat, browser/extensions/report-site-issue, mobile/android/extensions/webcompat, mobile/android/extensions/report-site-issue,
Bugzilla Component(s): Web Compatibility::Interventions, Web Compatibility::Tooling & Investigations
Discussion Group: