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Name: Add-on SDK (#)
Description: The SDK and APIs that add-on developers can use to create extensions for Firefox and other applications
Owner: Irakli Gozalishvili
Peer(s): Alex Poirot, Brian Warner, Dietrich Ayala, Drew Willcoxon, Mark Hammond, Myk Melez, Will Bamberg
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Add-on SDK
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Android Background Services (#)
Description: Native Android services, including those bundled with Fennec: Sync, Product Announcements, Snippets, Updater, etc.
Owner: Richard Newman
Peer(s): Nick Alexander, Chenxia Liu, James Willcox
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Android Background Services
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Batucada (#)
Description: The software platform for the Drumbeat website
Owner: Paul Osman
Source Dir(s):
Discussion Group: drumbeat-website
Name: BrowserID (#)
Description: (a) Server Code, (b) Server deployment (during labs / prototype phase); and (c) ** API across Mozilla codebases (desktop, mobile, WebRT,..)
Owner: Ben Adida
Peer(s): Mike Hanson, Lloyd Hilaiel, Jonas Sicking, Jed Parsons
Source Dir(s): BrowserID server code:, BrowserID server deployment:, mozilla-central client code: toolkit/identity, dom/identity
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Camino (#)
Description: Mac only standalone browser
Owner: Mike Pinkerton, Stuart Morgan
Peer(s): Mark Mentovai, Simon Fraser
Source Dir(s): camino/
Bugzilla Component(s): Camino
Name: ChatZilla (#)
Description: IRC client
Owner: Rob Ginda
Peer(s): Gijs Kruitbosch, Samuel Sieb, James Ross
Source Dir(s): extensions/irc/
Bugzilla Component(s): Other Applications::ChatZilla
Discussion Group: dev-apps-chatzilla
Name: Composer (#)
Description: Editor/Composer
Owner: Daniel Glazman
Peer(s): Kathy Brade, Neil Rashbrook, Simon Fraser, Josh 'timeless' Soref
Source Dir(s): editor/
Bugzilla Component(s): Composer
Discussion Group: dev-tech-editor
Name: Desktop Runtime (#)
Description: webapp runtime for desktop
Owner: Myk Melez
Peer(s): Marco Castelluccio, Felipe Gomes, Tim Abraldes
Source Dir(s): webapprt/, toolkit/webapps/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Webapp Runtime, Firefox::Web Apps
Discussion Forum(s): dev-webapps
Name: Devtools (#)
Description: Mozilla Developer Tools
Owner: Rob Campbell, Dave Camp
Peer(s): Mihai Sucan, Joe Walker, Paul Rouget, Panagiotis Astithas, Heather Arthur, Mike Ratcliffe, Victor Porof, Anton Kovalyov, Nick Fitzgerald, Jim Blandy, Alex Poirot, Brandon Benvie, Brian Grinstead, Patrick Brosset, J. Ryan Stinnett
Source Dir(s): browser/devtools, toolkit/devtools
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Developer Tools
Discussion Group: dev-developer-tools
Name: Directory SDK (#)
Description: Tools and SDKs for accessing LDAP Directories.
Owner: Mark C. Smith
Peer(s): Anton Bobrov, Rich Megginson
Source Dir(s): directory/
Bugzilla Component(s): Directory
Discussion Group: dev-tech-ldap
Name: DOM Inspector (#)
Description: An extension that allows the user to inspect and edit the DOM of documents being displayed.
Owner: Shawn Wilsher
Peer(s): Neil Rashbrook
Source Dir(s): extensions/inspector/, layout/inspector/
Bugzilla Component(s): Other Applications::DOM Inspector
Name: Fennec (#)
Description: Mobile Web Browser
Owner: Mark Finkle
Peer(s): Matt Brubeck, Wes Johnston, Lucas Rocha, Brian Nicholson, Margaret Leibovic, Richard Newman, Chenxia Liu, Nick Alexander, Myk Melez, Michael Comella
Source Dir(s): mobile/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox for Android
Discussion Group: dev-platforms-mobile
Name: Firefox Accounts (#)
Description: The Firefox Accounts identity provider and the integration of user-data services tied to a Firefox account. Where this work overlaps with existing modules (FX front-end, FX Android front-end, FXOS), design and code reviews from all relevant module owners will be required.
Owner: Chris Karlof
Peer(s): Danny Coates, Zach Carter, Ryan Kelly, Andrew Chilton, Francois Marier, Sean McArthur, Nick Chapman, Vlad Filippov, Shane Tomlinson, John Morrison, Peter deHaan
Source Dir(s):,,,,,
Name: Firefox for Metro (#)
Description: Touch-screen-friendly browser for Windows
Owner: Jim Mathies, Matt Brubeck
Peer(s): Allison Naaktgeboren, Brian Bondy, Marina Samuel, Mark Finkle, Rodrigo Silveira, Sam Foster, Tim Abraldes
Source Dir(s): browser/metro
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox for Metro
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Loop aka Firefox Hello (#)
Description: Voice and Video Collaboration System
Owner: Adam Roach
Peer(s): Mark Banner, Dan Mosedale, Nicolas Perriault, Jared Wein, Michael de Boer, Tarek Ziadé, Alexis Metaireau, Rémy Hubscher, Mathieu Leplatre, Fernando Jiménez, Borja Salguero, Jose Antonio Olivera
Source Dir(s): browser/components/loop,,
Bugzilla Component(s): Loop::Client, Loop::Server, Loop::General, Firefox OS::Gaia::Loop
Discussion Forum(s): (
Name: Mozilla Location Service (MLS) (#)
Description: The Mozillla Location Service provides a service to position your device based on cell and wireless information.
Owner: Hanno Schlichting
Peer(s): Graydon Hoare, Ryan Tilder, Victor Ng
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Mozilla Services :: Location,
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Mozilla Stumbler ("MozStumbler") (#)
Description: The Mozilla Stumbler (MozStumbler) collects wireless network information for crowd-sourcing location positioning with Mozilla Location Service (MLS).
Owner: Garvan Keeley
Peer(s): Victor Ng, Doug Turner, Chris Peterson
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Sync (#)
Description: Firefox Sync client
Owner: Mike Connor
Peer(s): Richard Newman, Gregory Szorc, Philipp von Weitershausen
Source Dir(s): services/sync/
Bugzilla Component(s): Sync
Name: Party Tool (#)
Description: PHP-based party tool used for Firefox Party
Owner: Ryan Flint
Peer(s): Mike Morgan, Reed Loden
Source Dir(s): webtools/partytool/
Discussion Group: dev-apps-webtools
Name: Penelope (#)
Description: Eudora-like functionality and theme added to Thunderbird.
Owner: Jeff Beckley
Source Dir(s): penelope/
Bugzilla Component(s): Penelope
Name: Popcorn.js (#)
Description: Popcorn.js is an HTML5 media framework written in JavaScript for filmmakers, web developers, and anyone who wants to create time-based interactive media on the web.
Owner: Brett Gaylor
Peer(s): David Humphrey, Scott Downe, Rick Waldron
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):
URL: Project Home Page, Issue Tracker
Discussion Group: dev-popcorn
Name: Popcorn Maker (#)
Description: An SDK for authoring Popcorn projects.
Owner: Brett Gaylor
Peer(s): Ben Moskowitz, Robert Richter
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):
URL: Project Home Page, Issue Tracker
Discussion Group: dev-popcorn
Name: Rhino (#)
Description: JavaScript interpreter/compiler implemented in Java
Owner: Greg Brail
Peer(s): Norris Boyd, Attila Szegedi
Source Dir(s): js/rhino/
Bugzilla Component(s): Rhino
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine
Name: Standalone Composer (#)
Description: Standalone editor/composer based on mozilla/toolkit
Owner: Daniel Glazman
Peer(s): Kathy Brade, Neil Rashbrook
Source Dir(s): composer/
Discussion Group: dev-tech-editor,dev-apps-other
Name: Tracking Protection (#)
Description: Tracking Protection to improve user privacy and control by expressing user prefs and enforcing them.
Owner: Monica The-Awesome Chew
Peer(s): Doug Turner, Mark Mayo
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/url-classifier, netwerk/base/src/nsChannelClassifier,
Discussion Group:
Name: Venkman (#)
Description: JavaScript Debugger frontend
Owner: Rob Ginda
Peer(s): Brendan Eich, Gijs Kruitbosch, Mike Shaver, James Ross, Josh 'timeless' Soref
Source Dir(s): extensions/venkman/
Bugzilla Component(s): Other Applications::Venkman JS Debugger
Discussion Group: dev-apps-js-debugger