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Larissa Co

Link to My Mozillians/Reps/Twitter Accounts and @lyco1 on Twitter

What is the overall goal I want to accomplish by attending MozCamp Asia

I want to establish friendships with the Moz Asia community, especially with people who might be interested in helping the UX team understand security and privacy concerns in the region. I also want to answer any questions that folks might have about Mozilla's user experience team.

What I want to achieve by Sunday (November 18th)

  • Meet the Mozilla Philippines community and hang out with them!
  • Have artifacts / stories about security and privacy to take back to the UX team.
  • Conduct an extremely valuable and well-run workshop on security and privacy design

What I will achieve by December 2nd

Post the "postcards for the UX team" posters that we're making in my workshop in the UX team area

What I will achieve by December 16th

  • A blog post about what we learned about security and privacy in Asia
  • Follow-up interviews with paricipants who want to talk further about their security and privacy concerns