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Shahid Ali Farooqui

Link to My Mozillians/Reps/Twitter Accounts

What is the overall goal I want to accomplish by attending MozCamp Asia

To Meet community people to whom I know virtually. This is an opportunity to know and work with the community members closely. Share ideas and experience so that we may work and build community even a better and organized manner. To know more about the latest development in Firefox OS and B2G.

What I want to achieve by Sunday (November 18th)

To learn about the Firefox OS, B2G by attending the sessions and talking/networking with the present community members, so that I may also contribute and build the similar community in my region.

What I will achieve by December 2nd

I should be able to draft a plan "How to push these projects in my region". Identifying people and making them aware about the project would be my first priority. I should be able to make out the plan to invite and involve more people to contribute in these projects.

What I will achieve by December 16th

I should be able to meet the identified people and, I am hopeful to have at-least 1 or 2 brief technical sessions. I will try to get feedback/update from community members in my region about the progress in order to move forward for the next step. It would be to early to say about the achievement by December 16th :)