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Title of Session: Let's Take This Offline!

Facilitator(s): Potch

Are you paid or volunteer staff?: Paid Staff

Area of Contribution: Front-end WebDev, Marketplace Team

How are you currently involved with the community?: Currently working on the UI of the flagship Open Web App store for Firefox OS and the larger ecosystem. I also provide comic relief on Mondays.

Location of Work: Mountain View

Talk Length: 60 minutes

Summary: "We're making a phone powered by the Web!" "What if you have no internet?" It's the most common question people have about Firefox OS. Find out how to make a high-quality offline experience for your Open Web App so that even when the data connection is shaky, the user experience is rock-solid.

How your session furthers the MozCamp Goals: Because we are targeting developing and entry-level markets, having apps that are light on data usage and have a graceful offline experience is critical.

Expected Outcome or Deliverable: A tool to assist in building Offline Cache Manifests, and a minimum of 5 attendees who use the knowledge gained and apply it to Firefox OS apps.

Desired Audience Type or Skill-set: We'll be covering some fairly deep HTML5 technologies here, so direct HTML5 experience is recommended.

Equipment Needs: projector, Mac video output dongle, a working internet connection.

To Be Completed by the Audience-

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