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Desktop and Mobile Track

Alphabetical list of sessions:


Add-ons back on top! Get excited about upcoming UI changes in Firefox and how they will give add-on developers much more interesting ways to integrate with the Firefox UI

All About Performance

Brainstorming: User Experience (UX) Feedback

Brainstorm Workshop: Firefox, Mobile, Apps and B2G Campaigns and Story mapping - developing killer stories to drive product growth


Efficient localization with Translate Toolkit - the example of Fulah

Firefox Flicks 2013 - Get involved!

Firefox for Android community marketing plan & updates

Firefox for Android support

Firefox L10n Under Rapid Release

Firefox Stability Programs: How we use crash statistics, telemetry, and other measures to improve the stability of Firefox and 3rd-party software


Here Come the Trains: Releasing Mozilla Products, Growing the Mozilla Community

How the Community can help Business Development identify and engage with potential partners to grow Firefox Desktop and Mobile

How to Debug Memory Leaks in Addons and Websites

Introducing the Social API


Mozilla Build and Release

Opening Up the Mobile Web for Firefox

Pocket Sized Add-ons: Extension development for Firefox Mobile

Quality Assurance - Firefox for Android

Take part in the Firefox for Android Story

Tiger Team: Help build marketing campaigns to attract new Firefox Desktop users in your country


WebRTC Demystified: What is it & how can you help?

Write code for Firefox Desktop