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Andreas Wagner [:TheOne]

Link to My Mozillians/Reps/Twitter Accounts


What is the overall goal I want to accomplish by attending MozCamp Europe

  • Get up to speed on the marketplace and see some cool Firefox OS demos.
  • Meet the people I usually only chat with in IRC, email. Make new friends!
  • Attend the amo-editors meeting.
  • Have fun with an awesome community!

What I want to achieve by Sunday (September 9th)

  • Hands on apps/marketplace and Firefox OS.
  • Talk to Thunderbird guys about the future of Thunderbird.
  • amo-editors meeting on Friday (I hope Lufthansa is not on strike)

What I will achieve by September 23rd

  • TBD - Some things are in the pipeline which I want to discuss at MozCamp.

What I will achieve by October 7th

  • Write my first app and submit it to the marketplace!