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Michelle Marovich

Link to My Mozillians/Reps/Twitter Accounts

I hate Twitter.

Best way to reach me is

What is the overall goal I want to accomplish by attending MozCamp Europe

I'm looking to deepen my understanding about how community works at Mozilla. I believe that the only way to understand how something works is to get involved, and so I'm focused on being a resource for the Grow Mozilla track. I hope that the contribution I am making (by presenting a workshop with David Boswell centered around organizational growth) will empower community members and reps to create their own communities, or contribute to building existing communities in positive ways.

What I want to achieve by Sunday (September 9th)

1. Meet and engage with community members and learn how things work in their local/functional/project based areas. 2. Facilitate Community Building workshop. 3. Attend Community health town hall, so that I can bring the discussion back to my team ( Recruiting) in California. 4. Figure out my best path for continued work towards the Grow Mozilla goal.

What I will achieve by September 23rd

1. Create ( with David) Wiki resources centered around community building, that includes slides of our workshop. 2. Leverage David's knowledge to pull historical wiki data into cohesive set of links for community looking to have access to past knowledge and success

What I will achieve by October 7th

1. Investigate option for utilizing the VIKI system being created by Dia and Dino to blog and syndicate to planet an ongoing organization growth set of videos. 2. Come up with implementation plan with Mary and David, if VIKI is a system that we can leverage. 3. Work with Mathew Caldwell, Director of Talent Acquisition for MoCo, to create communications channel between community and Recruiting team.