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Link to My Mozillians/Reps/Twitter Accounts



Twitter: @onlygan

What is the overall goal I want to accomplish by attending MozCamp Europe

Overall: meet other Mozillians, share my experience as a new recruits as Mozilla Reps, learn how to organize summer code party and have fun with other Mozillians.

What I want to achieve by Sunday (September 9th)

- Meet new Mozillians and exchange ideas

- How to launch Webmaker and build a generation of Webmakers among the students in Mauritius

- How to introduce B2G, Firefox for Android in Mauritius

- Gather information about summer code party

- Learn how to publish an app to the marketplace

What I will achieve by September 23rd

All information gathered from the Mozcamp will help me to plan for the future activities

What I will achieve by October 7th

Shaping a plan of action to move forward in promoting the mission of Mozilla and its products