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MozCamp LATAM 2012 is being designed to help Mozillians from all around LATAM and Spain synchronize their efforts, get up to speed with the latest updates from others and share theirs. We're going to talk about the state of Mozilla in LATAM today and set the stage for the upcoming year.


At this MozCamp we're going to focus on three areas that essentially amount to three interdisciplinary tracks:

  • Product & Technology Track: Sessions will focus on the product vision and roadmap for desktop and mobile, as well as single out new initiatives (such as Labs and Add-Ons)
  • Engagement/Localization Track: Sessions in this track will focus on our engagement efforts, and how we best bring Mozilla to the world (and across regions and languages)

Track Leaders

  • Product & Technology: Havi Hoffman (
  • Product & Technology Assistant: Felipe Lerena
  • Engagement and Localization: Winston Bowden (
  • Engagement and Localization Assistant: Gloria Meneses
  • Community Building and Collaboration: Santiago Hollmann (
  • Community Building and Collaboration Assistant: Lourdes Castillo

The aim is to allow us all to think holistically about the project. Each track cuts across many different areas (including Learning and Development), and this will help Mozillians situate their own area of activity within a broader context, while tying with the overall theme of the camp.