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MozParty Pune


The event will start on 2012/06/23 10:00:00 AM till 2012/06/24 12:00:00 AM.


Pune, India, APAC


This event is owned by Sayak


It is estimated that 100-500 people will be at the event.


Mozilla Summer Code Party at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research, Model Colony, Pune, India.

We are organizing a kick off kind of an event for all MozParty related events to be held in Pune during the upcoming months. Since the expected audience is quite large hence, the event divided into hackjams, interactive hands-on sessions on various webmaking tools and talks on various Mozilla initiatives, 10 years of Mozilla 1.0 and how to get involved with Mozilla.

Since the venue is basically an IT college a large part of the expected attendees would be college students who are quite aware of basic web technologies hence we are hosting an initiation kind of event where the attendees would be told about what Hackasaurus / X-Ray Goggles / etc. is, and also spread the word about Mozilla Summer Code Party.

The main aim of the event would be to encourage the attendees to organize their own small Webmakers like events such as MozKitchens where they can teach their friends and family and thus spread more awareness about the web.

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