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Sayak Sarkar
Sayak Sarkar
Personal Information
City: Kolkata
Country: India
Mozilla-specific Information
Wiki-Userame: Sayak
Mentor: User:Vineel
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
Website: Sayak's Website
Twitter: sayak_sarkar sayak
Jabber: sayak
IRC: sayak on in
#genopen #india #linux #remo #remo-dev #teachtheweb #webmaker



About Me

I am Sayak Sarkar, Web Developer from Kolkata, West Bengal who also happens to be a FOSS enthusiast interested in Community Building, Localizations, Web Literacies and a whole bunch of other stuff apart from Coding. I am passionate about Open Source technologies and spreading web literacies and am always super enthusiastic about experimenting with new technologies.

I normal human being (At least that's what I believe myself to be) with some characteristics that some people might find similar to that of a night owl. I have also been a Google Summer of Code participant twice in 2012 and 2013, wherein I've developed Disha - A Visual Based Keyboard Input System for my mother language Bengali and the WordPress App for Firefox OS.

I am also a Mozilla Reps Mentor from India, wherein I mostly concentrate my efforts on community building and at times also try to help with some Web Dev stuff for the Mozilla India community.

Do feel free to write to me a line or more of suggestions, ideas or just plain hello! :-)

About My Work

  • Mozilla Reps Mentor.
  • Freelance Web Developer.
  • Web App Developer for Firefox OS.
  • Successful Participant of Google Summer of Code 2012 and 2013.
  • M.Sc. Post Graduate of 2013 from Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research, Pune.
  • Completed an Internship with the Mozilla Foundation's Mentor Team in 2013.
  • Completed a Localization Internship at Red Hat in 2012.


November 2011 - July 2012

November 2011: MediaWiki Hackathon & Translation Sprint, Pune

January 2012:   JSFOO, Pune

February 2012: GNUnify'12, Pune

February 2012: Mozilla India Meetup, Pune

February 2012: MediaWiki Hackathon, Pune

February 2012: Debian Utsav at SICSR, Pune

June 2012: MozParty Pune at SICSR,Pune

July 2012: MozFest Pune at AIMS,Pune

July 2012 onwards

All events organized by me can be found at

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