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Meeting Details


  • Introductions
  • Contributor Audit discussion (slides): questions, thoughts on recommendations?
  • Recruiting volunteers at events (standing item)
    • Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb 27-March 1) Also Feb 26 local contributor/developer community event & other participation (Havi)
    • MozCamp Latin America (April 20-22)
  • help request for nebulous proposed "Mozilla Day" combination paid and volunteer recruitment day in Minneapolis (cf: @glind). Leave-behinds, schwag, other help and ideas welcome.

Action Items

  • Please post any feedback on Get Involved dashboard to bug 685992 and feel free to contact Pedro with any general metrics questions.
  • David to send link to Audit video and slides around and we'll discuss at next meeting.
  • Contact David with any suggestions for how to evolve the Stewards Analysis doc.
  • David to report back on progress of project specific Contribute Groups so other teams can leverage action plans and other assets that are created.
  • Gregg is interested in working with anyone else who wants to do community building around specific geographic areas.