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  • 3 bullet points about Drumbeat
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Donate promo
  • project showcase (or do that on projects page)?
  • Reference to Labs? (Maybe as in-house innovators driving things along with innovators in community?)

New Copy

Nav items: Mozilla Drumbeat, About, Projects, Grants, FAQ, Visit Mozilla

Tagline: Building blocks for the open web

Intro: Drumbeat is taking Mozilla's mission beyond the browser and creating all sorts of things that make the web better - movies, schools, tools, teams...

Big CTA: Visit

Small CTAs:

  • See the PROJECTS: Find our what is happening. Learn more >>
  • Who's in the DRUM CIRCLE: Meet the people working on projects. Learn more >>
  • Sign up for DRUMBEAT NEWS: Subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Sign up >>
  • Make a DONATION: Support a Drumbeat project. Donate >>


Round Two

Changes: Adding illustration, changing colors to fit new design, updated header to fit new header changes and universal tab concept, updated copy.

Round One


  • Update to track header changes (detached, mozilla drumbeat)
  • Hero direction?
  • Steer away from brown color palette & drumskin
  • Mockup of new home page may be helpful for color direction

Drumbeat org homepage.jpg

Existing Copy from

  • promo area
  • project showcase
  • planet drumbeat feed
  • drum circle sidebar