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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

Content workspace for pages.


To create a static page(s) about Drumbeat that will give people an introduction to what it is and then link into relevant places for people wanting to participate, find more information, etc.

Program and Services

On the original, everything about Drumbeat was on one site so differences in types of content were not apparent. Defining different content areas can help us think through the transition to having information about Drumbeat on multiple sites.

  • Program: A system of services, opportunities, or projects, usually designed to meet a social need.
  • Services: The provision of a discrete function within a systems environment

There is one Drumbeat program and many services that support it, including currently:

  • Projects/People/Events/??? (Batucada)
  • Donations (
  • Newsletter (Responsys)
  • Grants? (system for managing, tracking and reporting grants in the works?)
  • Potentially many more services as Drumbeat expands and evolves

Based on this, information about the Drumbeat program can go at and information and functionality related to a specific service will go on that specific site.


Phase 1

  • Timing: Launch of Batucada site
  • Goal: Promote the launch of the new on
    • Blockers:
      • Update copy & remove drum skin texture for Drumbeat front page feature box
      • Update copy and project descriptions on "Our Projects" page & "Get Involved" page
      • New "About Drumbeat" page
        • Steer away from brown color palette & drumskin

Phase 2

  • Timing: End of Q1
  • Scope: Expand pages to fill out sub-nav w/ integrated branding?

Phase 3

  • Timing: End of Q2
  • Scope: Full set of pages?

Design direction

These pages can have their own design but there should also be some commonality with other pages on For instance, we could have a similar header layout with different colors for different sections (blue for Firefox, red for Mozilla, brown for Drumbeat, etc).

We can also develop an illustration theme, similar to how the Firefox pages have illustrated monsters. In Drumbeat's case it seems like illustrations of blocks or legos could be a good fit.

Common Elements

  • Header layout
  • Common footer elements
  • Fonts?
  • Page layout?
  • Background?
  •  ???

Unique Elements

  • Color
  • Illustration style
  • Section footer elements
  •  ???


Currently all Drumbeat content is on, but this will change when we have static pages on in addition to the new Batucada-based Drumbeat site.

Main Page






Maybe we should have donate promos in pages instead of a Donate section in the nav?