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Resolved/Inactive Issues

These issues are currently not being worked on and can be discussed at planning meetings if there is a need to revisit an issue.

Site Vision

The role of the site going forward should be to act as a community portal and to be a place to host official content. Any page currently on the site that doesn't fit this vision should either be archived, migrated or updated.

For background on this issue, see the following:

Reorganize Structure

To make the site fit the new vision, the organization of the content has been changed.

Selecting Owners

The overall owner of the site is Reed and the peers are the people who regularly come to the planning meetings. We also have identified owners for all top-level directories.

Policy Documents

One of the roles of the site according to the new vision is to act as a repository of official documents. There are several issues relating to this that we should discuss, including where do these documents live (all over the site or in one section?), how are these pages displayed (do we need some sort of visual way to represent that a page is a policy document to distinguish it from pages that aren't "official" documents?), who owns those documents?

I've pulled the following from one of Mitchell's posts on the governance list:

It's clear that the module owners list -- policy documents in general -- should be in a place that

  • is clearly "official"
  • is clearly "policy", representing a sense of "this is how things are at this moment" rather than "this is under construction" and
  • is not editable by anyone
  • [probably access- controlled]

Note: The policies page is now live on the site.

List Moderation

The list moderation policy for webmaster at mozilla dot org is to have an auto-responder that provides links to support information for support questions and then to either respond to other questions or forward them on to the appropriate person. Kairo and David are responding to emails and Sam is moderating the held messages.