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Note: This page refers to the relaunch of the site completed in August 2009 and is available for reference.


We are making plans to transition the site's repository from CVS to Subversion and also transition from the current build system to a PHP-based templating system, similar to

This means that the way to edit the site will change. Documentation about how to edit the site will be made available before this new system goes into production.


This is being done now for a variety of reasons:

  • The current build system is fragile and limited and moving to a dynamic PHP-based system will allow us to do more with the site.
  • CVS has many known issues as a version control tool and we feel that using a more modern VCS will make maintaining the site easier.
  • We're about to implement a new design for the site and are taking this opportunity to make other changes to the site.


Work is tentatively scheduled to begin in May 2009 and be ready for production in June. The time frame may change slightly but will most likely not go past the summer.


Staging work will take place at


This work will be done by a group of community members who have been maintaining the site and running the regular planning meetings. You can contact them by posting to or attending the next meeting on the first Thursday of the month.

Open Issues

If you have concerns or suggestions about this, please post to or leave a comment here.

  • What about web-based site editing through a tool like Doctor?
Bespin can likely fill this void if we don't update Doctor to support SVN (see bug 487108).
  • Will we be able to seamlessly maintain our site's history? Will old links to bonsai still work or will they break?
Maybe. We can setup old links to work.