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Note: This page refers to the relaunch of the site completed in August 2009 and is available for reference.

In February 2009, we'll begin the process of redesigning to better suit the needs of our ever-changing community.


  • Template tweaks -- List of tweaks to make to templates
  • Content Notes -- A set of notes describing how we're approaching content for the new design
  • Communication Brief -- A document created by Happy Cog after the initial discovery part of the project
  • Design Brief - We created a design brief that was sent out to potential design firms. You can read the brief here.
  • Design Lunch - Design lunch on 3/12 to review first round of concepts
  • An Open Process - Designing will be different than designing other websites in that we want to employ as much of an open process as possible. This document defines what we mean by an open process.
  • Questionnaire - A questionnaire given to us by Happy Cog.
  • Feedback -- A page to put comments, suggestions or ideas


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