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This page is tracking information related to analyzing stats data from the site.


  • Some questions that can be answered by the monthly report
    • What pages are most popular?
    • What pages and files are people requesting that are generating errors?
    • How many people are still using the Mozilla Suite? What interesting data can we find by looking at the old Mozilla Suite start page?
    • Are we breaking any links with the archiving process / are we overlooking pages that should be archived?
  • Questions that can be answered, once user level tracking is implemented on site
    • What are the number and ratio of first time visitors to the home page? What links are they clicking on -- downloads? content on links to other community sites? Putting a heat map together would be an interesting visualization.-
    • How many people using Firefox releases are being pointed to a 404 page on (bug 491731 and bug 381734)? What platform are these people using? Can we narrow this down to specific Linux distros to help address the problem?
    • What do the distributions of activity(page views, visits, repeat visitors, etc.) on the web pages look like?
  • Broad Scope Questions
    • Are there other tools beyond Urchin that will be helpful to use? For example, there's a bug open about using the W3C log validator.
    • What introductory text works better for the new home page? For instance, is using 'We believe' more effective than using 'We are building'?
    • What particular pages should be monitored on a regular basis? For example: favorite pages/ popular pages?? Also at what frequency? Do we need Daily, Weekly or Monthly reports?
    • What actionable metrics need to be tracked by Urchin? For example: User level data for a lot of stats is not available.In other words, at what microlevel do we want data?
    • What other data do we need to answer interesting questions? For instances, perhaps using data from with data from will give insights that aren't possible by looking at that data separately.
    • What data can we post publicly that would enable us to share data with other parts of the community? We won't make any data public that contains personal information (such as IP address), so what would be acceptable? Things that are aggregated and anonymous like page views seem fine, but what about referrer reports?


Results of analysis to be posted here.


  • Some common web data stats for the month of May-2009 for site


  • Top folders for june [3]
  • Top files for June [4]
  • Top 404 Error for June[5]
  • Top Browsers for June [6]
  • Top Platforms for June [7]
  • Top Browser-Platform combos[8]
  • Top Firefox versions[9]
  • Top IE versions[10]
  • Top Mozilla version[11]

Some extra analysis by James-[12]


A top folder analysis as well as top 20 error pages and their comparison with June numbers See [13]


  • The top 10 pages with maximum 404 not found error were as follows
   1. /products/firefox/plugins/google.src 	
   2. /projects/firefox/3.6a1pre/whatsnew/ 
   3. /fix/your/broken/browser/favicon/requests/are/filling/up/my/error/log
   4. /projects/firefox/
   5. /projects/firefox/3.0.10/firstrun/
   6. /projects/firefox/3.0.10/whatsnew/
   7. /projects/firefox/3.5b5pre/whatsnew/
   8. /projects/deerpark/
   9. /projects/firefox/
  10. /thisrequestistransferredtoidm.stop

Top 10 pages that are being visited on site

   Content	               Visits	Pageviews Avg Time % Exit
  1./	                       298555	360250	173.67	76.37
  2./start/	                149341	178895	372.86	83.01
  3./projects/minefield/	70696	86005	296.27	79.08
  4./projects/granparadiso/	41998	50149	296.99	80.91
  5./projects/	38129	44459	98.31	70.34
  6./support/thunderbird/	37815	45439	104.57	63.87
  7./editor/midasdemo/securityprefs.html	28343	36026	200.32	78.1
  8./projects/shiretoko/	19115	23509	240.43	77.33
  9./projects/browsers.html	10996	12242	111.74	82.63
 10./support/thunderbird/faq	10016	11760	140.24	51.89
  • The 404 error code for /project/firefox filter on
   Separated by Pre and Non Pre versions, here are two separate pdf file
    2.Non-Pre Versions
  • The mozilla browser users contribute to a total of 23.31% of all hits.An estimate of the 404 error hits..if we think proportionally could be approximated to 64129 odd hits by mozilla users.
  • A simple drill down of the folder

404 Error Tracking

  • It might be helpful to keep track of what new 404 errors keep cropping up, especially if compared with the last months data. This may assist web developers to understand if site/page changes are leading to broken links.

For example the current comparison between the May and June (Days 1-15) shows the following folder is generating new 404 errors.


For a more detailed explanation see [14]

More Data

Some questions we want to answer can't be answered by just looking at data from Other data is available that can also help us.