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Author: Robert O'Callahan (roc)

GFX Abstractions describes the current state of the Gfx interfaces and how some of the worst warts should be filed off.

Mozilla2:Units explains how our treatment of spatial units in layout needs to evolve.

Mozilla2:Antialiasing discusses the problems of antialiasing and how we should deal with them.

There are two main points of strategic importance:

  • Much of the rendering work is a prerequisite for full support for arbitrary HTML+CSS hosted inside SVG (and subject to arbitrary SVG transformations). This is not only nice to have for the Web, but a requirement for feature-parity with Avalon.
  • I think that the work on units could make us considerably more usable than IE on high-definition screens (>150dpi). If you believe that such screens are the way of the future, and that people will want to read HTML on such screens (both quite safe bets, IMHO), then this could be a killer feature for us. If anyone has IE running on such a screen, I'd be interested in hearing about exactly how it copes.

How to get there: Mozilla2:GFXEvolution

FutureGfxWhiteboard -- Status & progress on future cairo-based mozilla gfx work.

Native Themes With Cairo -- Ideas on how quickly to do native theme stuff in a future cairo-based world

Mozilla2:GraphicsPlan -- The Plan on what we're doing and how we're getting there.