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Mediawiki updated to 1.23.8

MediaWiki has been upgraded to version 1.23.8. (release notes)

Implemented a new git-based deployment model

The MozillaWiki team has been hard at work re-designing the way MozillaWiki code is deployed. We now have a git-based model (repo) which allows us to experiment with and roll out new features more quickly.

Widgets are now available

Widgets is a Mediawiki extension that allows external HTML resources to be embedded in normal wiki pages.

We have installed the Google Spreadsheet and Google Calendar widgets, which means you can now embed shared Google Spreadsheets and Calendars directly into your pages. Read the help documentation for each of these widgets to learn how to do this.

If you want to request a specific widget be added to MozillaWiki, please file a bug.


Thank you User:Jcrowe, User:GPHemsley, User:CLiang, User:Ckoehler, and everyone else who reported bugs and helped with this release!

Notice any issues?

If you notice any issues with this release, please report a bug.

If you simply have questions, you are welcome to ask in #wiki (webchat).

Bugs resolved in this release

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