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Open culture advocate, writer, programmer, and community organizer.

I am co-founder of Stumptown Syndicate, co-chair of Open Source Bridge conference and previously co-hosted the technology podcast In Beta. I co-authored a book about Community Event Planning.

As of August 27, 2015, after nearly 4 years, I will no longer be Mozilla staff.

While employed by Mozilla, I served as a project/program manager on many teams, including: MDN, Community Building, Technical Evangelism as well as Web Production.

As a volunteer contributor, I continue to be module owner for MozillaWiki:About.

Based in Portland, OR, USA. Timezone: UTC-8 (UTC-7 during summer time). I do not schedule meetings on Fridays.

My last name is pronounced KAY-ler. You can also call me CK.

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