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Wiki Working Group - 22 April 2014 2nd meeting

Vidyo Link:

Previous meeting notes:


  • Lyre Calliope
  • hoosteeno
  • KaiRo
  • Gordon P. Hemsley (GPHemsley)
  • kthiessen
  • jd
  • AlisonW
  • Jennie
  • Christie

Agenda / Notes


We're a submodule! \o/

Review previous action items

  • Track down GA person on web productions - Christie
  • Generate list of research questions - Joelle, research-type folks
    • Joelle contacted Gordon via e-mail to go over where certain information is available on Special pages. Full list of research questions not yet finalized.
  • Christie and Gordon to connect re spam issue
  • Register the IRC channel and op relevant users - Christie DONE
    • Ping on-call in #it to get op permissions in order to register channel DONE
  • Determine how we want to handle long queries - tbd
  • Submit module information to Laura Thompson - Christie
  • Draft roadmap based on new governance/organizational structure - Lyre to lead

Progress on governance definition and roadmap drafting

Lyre decided to tackle some working copy for 'Vision', and 'Strategy and Goals' (which are listed as 'To Come' on the WWG wiki page) as well as better committee definitions:

..before tackling the beginings of a functional roadmap in earnest:

Proposed next steps:

  • People who are not Lyre should iterate upon these documents with the goal of getting documentation up onto the wiki.
  • Key committee roles should be formally defined and filled for each committee (Lyre will start an email thread)
  • Create a task force to lead a visioning process.. to be led by a rockstar possibly not yet involved with WWG
  • Research, research, research! We need to lead with questions and create a process for determining what is within scope and out of scope for the WWG before we can really dive into roadmapping beyond the next few months.

Planning an in-person meetup

Does it seem valuable? +1+1+1 Do either of the times suggested work for you?

  • NYC 30 May - 1 June
  • London 6-10 August

Roadblocks to Productivity Survey Results

Investigate making wikieditor default

sorting bug

dev / stage/ production workflow

Action Items


Current point release on the 1.19 we use at wiki.m.o: