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Modules/Mozilla Websites

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  2. you have agreed a change of owner or module addition/deletion with the Module Ownership Module group, probably via mozilla.governance.
Name: Mozilla Websites (#)
Description: Web apps developed or maintained inside Mozilla
Owner: Laura Thomson
Peer(s): Fred Wenzel, Wil Clouser
URL: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Webdev
Discussion Forum(s): https://groups.google.com/forum/mozilla.dev.webdev

Sub Modules

Name: Air Mozilla (#)
Description: Air Mozilla (webapp)
Owner: Peter Bengtsson
Peer(s): Laura Thomson, Richard Milewski, Chris Lonnen
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/airmozilla
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Air Mozilla
URL: https://air-dev.allizom.org/
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-mozilla-org
Name: AMO (#)
Description: Home of add-ons, jetpacks and themes.
Owner: Wil Clouser
Peer(s): Andy McKay, Kumar McMillan
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/zamboni
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: addons.mozilla.org
URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-amo
Name: Apps Ecosystem (#)
Description: Developer tools, libraries and documentation for apps
Owner: Fred Wenzel
Peer(s): Daniel Buchner, Havi Hoffman, Jennifer Fong
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/zamboni/tree/master/apps/devhub
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Marketplace Component: Developer Pages
URL: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Apps/Ecosystem
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-marketplace
Name: Bouncer (#)
Description: Mirror management software and download service
Owner: Laura Thomson
Peer(s): Fred Wenzel, Anthony Ricaud
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/tuxedo
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Webtools Component: Bouncer
URL: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bouncer
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-webdev
Name: Corsica (#)
Description: Empathic screen coordination service
Owner: Chris Lonnen
Peer(s): Mike Cooper, Matt Claypotch
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/corsica
Bugzilla Component(s): https://github.com/mozilla/corsica/issues
Name: DXR (#)
Description: Source code static analysis and browsing
Owner: Erik Rose
Peer(s): James Abbatiello, Will Kahn-Greene, Marcell Vazquez-Chanlatte
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/dxr
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Webtools Component: DXR
URL: https://dxr.mozilla.org/
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-static-analysis
Name: Elmo (#)
Description: L10n web tool and dashboard
Owner: Axel Hecht
Peer(s): Peter Bengtsson
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/elmo
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Webtools Component: Elmo
URL: https://l10n.mozilla.org/
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/tools-elmo
Name: DEPRECATED: Graph Server (#)
Description: Performance monitoring web app for Firefox
Owner: Rob Helmer
Peer(s): Rob Helmer
Source Dir(s): http://hg.mozilla.org/graphs/
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Webtools Component: Graph Server
URL: http://graphs.mozilla.org/
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-webdev
Name: Input (#)
Description: Mozilla feedback and reporting platform
Owner: Will Kahn-Greene
Peer(s): Ricky Rosario
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/fjord
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Input
URL: http://input.mozilla.org/en-US/
Discussion Group: https://mail.mozilla.org/listinfo/input-dev
Name: Marketplace (#)
Description: Mozilla marketplace for open web apps.
Owner: Wil Clouser
Peer(s): Andy McKay, Kumar McMillan
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/zamboni
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Marketplace
URL: https://marketplace.firefox.com/
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-marketplace
Name: MDN (#)
Description: Developer documentation for web, Firefox, Firefox OS, Apps, etc
Owner: Luke Crouch
Peer(s): Jannis Leidel, James Bennett, David Walsh, Stephanie Hobson, John Karahalis
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/kuma
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Mozilla Developer Network
URL: https://wiki.mozilla.org/MDN
Discussion Group: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/mozilla.dev.mdn
Name: MoPad / Etherpad (#)
Description: Mozilla's etherpad lite instance
Owner: Rob Helmer
Peer(s): Jake Maul
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/etherpad-lite
Bugzilla Component(s): Websites::etherpad.mozilla.org
URL: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Etherpad
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-webdev
Name: www.mozilla.org (#)
Description: Content and policy for www.mozilla.org. Sub-modules and their owners can be found here.
Technical Owner: Paul McLanahan
Content Owner: Jennifer Bertsch
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/bedrock
Bugzilla Component(s): www.mozilla.org
URL: https://www.mozilla.org/
Discussion Group: dev-mozilla-org
Name: Mozilla Wiki (#)
Description: Mozilla Wiki
Owner: Christie Koehler
Peer(s): Lyre Calliope, Gordon P. Hemsley
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/mediawiki-skins-gmo
Bugzilla Component(s): Websites > wiki.mozilla.org
URL: https://wiki.mozilla.org
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/tools-wiki
Name: Mozillians (#)
Description: Community directory for Mozilla contributors.
Owner: Andrei Hajdukewycz
Peer(s): Giorgos Logiotatidis
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/mozillians
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Community Tools
URL: https://mozillians.org/
Discussion Group: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/mozilla-dev-community-tools
Name: Playdoh (#)
Description: Django/Python base library for Mozilla
Owner: Fred Wenzel
Peer(s): Paul McLanahan, Kumar McMillan, Peter Bengtsson
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/playdoh
Bugzilla Component(s): https://github.com/mozilla/playdoh/issues
URL: https://github.com/mozilla/playdoh
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-webdev
Name: Plugincheck (#)
Description: Web tool for keeping plugins up to date.
Owner: Laura Thomson
Peer(s): Les Orchard, Schalk Neethling
Source Dir(s): http://svn.mozilla.org/projects/pfs2/
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Websites Component: plugins.mozilla.org
URL: https://wiki.mozilla.org/PFS2
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-webdev
Name: Snippet Service (#)
Description: Snippet server for messaging found in highly trafficked product pages such as the Firefox start page.
Owner: Michael Kelly
Peer(s): Giorgos Logiotatidis
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/snippets-service
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Snippets
URL: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Websites/Snippets
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-webdev
Name: Socorro (#)
Description: Crash reporting for products (Firefox, etc)
Owner: Chris Lonnen, Rob Helmer
Peer(s): Lars Lohn, Adrian Gaudebert, Schalk Neethling, Peter Bengtsson, Laura Thomson
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/socorro/
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Socorro
URL: https://crash-stats.mozilla.com
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/tools-socorro
Name: SUMO (#)
Description: Mozilla support site and knowledgebase
Owner: Mike Cooper
Peer(s): Ricky Rosario, Will Kahn-Greene
Source Dir(s): https://github.com/mozilla/kitsune
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: support.mozilla.org
URL: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/home
Discussion Group: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-sumo