Mozilla CRM/All Hands Spring 2009

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I wanted to bring key stakeholders together during the Mozilla All-hands to discuss the CRM and address some of the questions that are still up in the air about how we will design and use the tool.

Open Questions before the All-hands

  1. How do we want to manage groups?
  2. What data should be made public (opt-in, of course)?
  3. What social structures do we need in place?
  4. Who will have access to all data (public and private)?
  5. What is the best way to populate the CRM? Import, Invite, or Discover?

Questions from the All-hands

Thank you to everyone that attended the All-hands presentation. I think there was a lot of genuine interest in the CRM project and lots of great questions. I'll try my best to answer the ones that I can on my own, and will have to pass on a few to IT and webdev for input. Here are some of the questions that came up:

  1. can groups syndicate content to/from it to work with existing tools?
  2. can there be an api that can work with existing tools, such as l10n dashboard?
  3. can timing change for when this is made public to coordinate with milestone schedules for l10n community?
  4. can it be localized?
  5. who will be in charge with updating the data and making sure it is up to date?
  6. can data be fed in from other locations? such as facebook? why would someone #want to maintain yet another profile?
  7. who can edit/make profiles? what sorts of permissions are going to be in place?
  8. will there be an openid server? will there be a single sign-on for mozilla community sites?
  9. how extensible will the system be? for example, could people add community badges to their profile?
  10. could these profiles be reused on various sites, for example having support related information show up on sumo profile, l10n information show up on l10n related pages.
  11. how does this relate to ldap?
  12. who should have admin rights? for example, is sumo going to be one single group or could sumo have sub-groups where someone is involved specifically in sumo forums versus sumo l10n?
  13. is this going to be open to non-firefox community members?
  14. what is the scope? just a directory or something more?
  15. how does the community guides concept work with this?
  16. is there a way to discuss things while development is ongoing?
  17. at what point do you want to get community members involved?