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What is the Mozilla CRM?

Unlike traditional CRMs, the Mozilla CRM will be more a community directory and group communication platform for everyone involved in the Mozilla project. It is built on open source software from the Drupal and CiviCRM projects.

By providing a centralized repository of members and groups that make up the "Mozilla Universe", anyone will be able to find, join, and communicate with others in a more efficient way. We hope this will take away the complexity of managing our ever-growing Mozilla community and provide everyone a better way to participate in our Mozilla mission.

Who will be using it?

Initially we will be working closely with key stakeholders (community leaders) to help them get their groups and members imported into the CRM. After a round of Alpha testing, we will open up the CRM to all Mozilla community members.

Eventually, we hope that any individual, group, organization, etc. that contributes to the Mozilla project will be a part of the CRM. Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to discover ways to get involved, communicate with each other, and better organize events and activities around the world.

Privacy & Security

Given the nature of the CRM tool, privacy and security are a top priority. We plan to work closely with Trellon, an experienced Drupal/CiviCRM development firm, to ensure that the "Mozilla Universe" is secure and that all personal information is kept confidential.

We will enable members to choose how much information they would like to share publicly and give them the option to share their private information with Mozilla, which will only be used for community related communications for projects, events, etc.

Planning & Development


  1. Trellon contract (3/25)
  2. CRM requirements, site architecture, design wireframes (3/30 - 4/20)
  3. Development (4/20 - 7/31)
    1. 5/12: General site live, with major dashboards completed (Home, Profile, Groups, Events)
    2. 5/25: Core user functionality completed, including people search and email invitations
    3. 6/25: Drupal theming (generic community theme) work and general site cleanup
    4. 7/2: Final tweaks on Trellon servers; ready for evaluation
    5. 7/13: theme applied; UI review
  4. Internal Alpha on Trellon servers (7/20 - 8/17)
    1. Code cleanup and bug fixes, initial QA, and theme work
  5. Migration to Mozilla servers
    1. IT configuration, SVN checkout, DB setup
    2. Security audit and QA testing
  6. Public Beta


  1. Theming (TBD)
  2. Mozilla Foundation Donor DB integration
    1. Requirements gathering (7/6 - 7/17)
    2. Quote and Contract (7/20 - 7/31)
  3. Feature enhancements and bug fixes with webdev (TBD)
  4. Hook in to community mapping efforts
  5. APIs to allow integration with other services (Bugzilla, tinderbox/buildbot, Chatzilla, Thunderbird etc.)