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The Mozpacers , the members of Delhi Mozilla Community, was an active participant in the Angelhack Delhi 2015, held in Knowlarity Communications Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon. The event continued for two days, from June 20-June 21. In this event the Mozpacers have played multiple roles-the senior Mozpacer Anup Mishra was a part of the jury , Kunal Relan played the active role of a mentor, thus helping others in developing apps and resolving their issues and others actively participated as teams in developing apps.

Activities of the technical team members

Day 1

As volunteers: At the dawn of the event , the experienced Mozillians, Anup Mishra and Ajay Singhi made a presentation on Delhi Mozilla Community and its fast spreading influence. This is ensued by the presentation of Kunal Relan, His presentation focused mainly on the architecture of the Firefox OS and it also included a brief introduction to how to set up an environment where Firefox OS will aid in application development.

As Participants: The young Mozpacers formed two teams, who took part in the app development . These two teams were:

  • Team INCOGNITO, that constituted the following members - Prateek Kumar, Harsh Chaudhury , Akansh Gulathi, Sameer Gupta and Chirag Batra
  • Team Mozpacers comprising of Sanyam Khurana, Manraj Singh, Nikhil Handa, Vikram Jaiswal

Day 2

Outcome and Achievement

Team Mozpacers and Incognito developed the apps namely NGOMan and Incognito respectively.

Brief description of the apps

  • Incognito basically provides an open anonymous discussion platform . This is a social network that ensures complete freedom to interact and induldge without revealing their true identity.So, an individual can browse, create , publish their own channel, post queries to any channel, find his post on a seperate tab " My Posts", explore trending and latest posted questions in various channels , anonymously.

The technology stacks used with Firefox OS as platform: Materialise css Framework,HTML 5,CSS3, JS and jquery,AJAX,Php,MySQL

  • NGOMan is an online donation management system ,that can be used on any device with an internet connection and a web browser. It has been developed keeping various NGOs in focus, who deal with a lot of donations everyday.Each NGO can get in touch with the developer to set up an online database of donations. The head of the organisation will be then given an admin login details . After getting the admin login details, one can logged in to the NGOMan and set up users' account. The volunteer accounts can access donation logging module, through which they can log each donation they receive from various contributors in real time.

Using this module, the admins may find out the geographical regions with maximum number of contributors, most popular type of donation and even do comparative analysis. Technologies used: HTML 5,CSS3, JavaScript, Materialize CSS, jQuery 2.1.1,AJAX, Flask(Python),MongoDB.

  • Team Incognito was the one to culminate , thus was awarded the Firefox OS Flame Device by Mozilla.

Activities of the non technical team on Day 1 and Day 2

  • Knowledge sharing with the attendees and thus resolving their queries
  • Distributing Swags
  • Regular discussion with Mozilla Developers' Team
  • Live social media updates
  • Discussing future agenda with IBM and pix8 for collaboration