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The two Mozillian Reps of Delhi Mozilla Community, Ajay Singhi and Anup Mishra staged the Appmaker Event on 26th April'15 at Open World Academy, Dwarka. The event was organized to take another step ahead to fulfill the goal of Mozilla i.e. transforming every individual from being a web user to a web creator.

Like most other events, Ajay lead it off with a brief introduction to Mozilla Projects and Webmaker Tools. This was followed by the explanation of AppMaker tool by Anup.


  • Familiarize the attendees with the Appmaker tool.
  • Develop couple of apps using this tool.
  • Help the students/attendees to create their respective Webmaker account.
  • Aware the students about the importance and benefits of having this account.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Ways to contribute in Webmaker project, with special focus on four tools of WebMaker.
  • Detailed discussion on various features of Appmaker tool.
  • Remixing an existing app to explain how they can be used as the building blocks of an useful tool.

Activities and Outcomes

  • Participants were asked to develop their own app using the tool.
  • Those who came up with best 3 apps ,were awarded special Mozilla goodies.
  • The active participants were also given some swags.

Finally, before the Mozillians called it a day, they had around 15 different apps designed on single day.