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The meetup started at 11 AM in the morning and during the meetup we discussed about areas where the community needs to focus. We shared the agenda with everyone on day before meetup. Anup and Bhuvnesh Initiated the Introduction to all attendees.

Anup started the discussion with Agenda and our future plans for Delhi NCR.

Agenda –

· What is Mozilla

· Ways to Contribute

· Status of Mozilla Delhi

· Road-map for Mozilla Delhi

· Welcome New Contributors

· Firefox OS and ways to contribute

· Future Events around Delhi

· Community Health

· Upcoming Intern Opportunities

The passionate and energetic ten open source rockers had gathered to discuss and share their views on opportunities and growth of community.

Key Points –

Discussed about scheduled event at YMCA, Faridabad. How to Spread the word about mozilla community by creating different FSA group. Physical meetup needs to be executed after one month. Feedback loop and getting back to interested ones is important.

Plans for Growth of Community –

Create a form for attendees of meetups and events. In the form include the attendee’s complete details as well as their area of interest on projects (Firefox OS, Localization, Webmaker, MarketPulse, FSA, WoMoz etc).

Future plans –

To "distribute the network around the city" - keeping introduction about Mozilla in the respective colleges.Monthly meetups should be conducted.Search for free of cost meeting space in a central location, if possible.