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We had second Mozilla Community Meetup on 19th April, 2015. It was online meetup.Total 11 people participated. Anup and Ajay gave a kick start with introduction and then we started with Agenda first.

Agenda –

   What is Mozilla
   Ways to Contribute
   Status of Mozilla Delhi
   Roadmap for Mozilla Delhi
   Welcome New Contributors
   Upcoming Contribution Opportunities 

Discussion Key Points –

   Introduction about mozilla and mozpacers community to new people
   Looking for meetup space partner in gurgaon and noida.
   Online Meetup needs to keep having the updates about community.
   Feedback loop and getting back to interested one is important. 

How to Grow the Community?

   Create a Slack channel for internal communication.
   Create a trello page and  try to manage all tasks there.
   Prepare road-map for Wiki development.

What are the Future plans?

   Creating regular etherpad for work item tracking.
   Monthly meetup should be conducted.
   Create a website for community and put all information.
   Creating an Wiki for all the documentations.
   Segregating contributors in technical and non-technical teams. 

After the Meeting

   Community decided to create a communication platform.
   Structured documentation will be done on Wiki.