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We had the third Mozilla Community Meetup on 17th May, 2015 at Naturals Ice Cream, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

The meetup start at 11:30 morning and during the meetup we discussed about the core areas where the community needs to focus. We share the agenda with everyone a week before meetup. Anup, Ajay and Bhuvnesh gave a kick start with introduction and then we started with Agenda first.

Agenda –

  • What is Mozilla
  • Ways to Contribute
  • Status of Mozilla Delhi
  • Roadmap for Mozilla Delhi
  • Welcome New Contributors
  • Firefox Hello
  • Firefox OS and ways to contribute
  • MarketPulse program
  • Future Events around and in Delhi
  • Need of Free Venues and Wifi
  • Community Health
  • Upcoming Intern Opportunities
  • Upcoming Contribution Opportunities

The passionate mozillians had gathered to discuss and share their ideas and brainstorm to build some future action plans to grow the community.

Discussion Key Points –

  • We need to conduct some productive events targeting entire National Capital Region.
  • Spread the word about mozilla community by creating different FSA group.
  • Online Meetup needs to keep having the updates about community.
  • Physical meetup need to keep after one month.
  • Feedback loop and getting back to interested one is important.

How to Grow the Community?

  • Create a form for FSA and invite them for the events. In the form include the points like interested in which projects (Firefox OS, Localization, Webmaker, MarketPulse, FSA, WoMoz etc). When we will receive the feedback from the interested one, we can redirect them to concerned IRC channel links, from there, they can get a brief idea about the project and also a start up for it.
  • Create a twitter handle for community to spread awareness.
  • Two groups have been made technical and non -technical, marketpulse and firefox friend project have been explained.

What are the Future plans?

  • To "distribute the network around the city" - keep introduction about Mozilla in the respective colleges.
  • Monthly meetup should be conducted.
  • Create a website for community and put all information.
  • Creating an Wiki for all the documentations.
  • Creating an etherpad for work item tracking.
  • While organizing an event, give an introduction for FSA and create the respective group.
  • Organize Dev Sprints.
  • Organize MozCamp Delhi.

After the Meeting

  • Slack Group was formed and Invitation was sent to everyone.
  • Wiki is ready and we have started putting all the documentations there.