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The fifth Mozilla Community meetup,Mozcoffee V 5.0 ,was orgainsed on 3rd October,2015 at Knowlarity Communications,Cyberhub, Gurgaon. The meetup started by 2.30 pm as everyone gathered.Anup and Ajay commenced the meeting by giving a short introduction to Mozilla and it's Delhi NCR community.The agenda of the meeting was well known to everyone before.Further,Ajay went on explaining the details of the agenda to everyone.


  • Mozcoffee Windows 10 campaign i.e. how to make firefox as the default browser in the current Windows version.
  • Various inbuilt tools and add-ons available for Security in firefox browser.
  • Providing insight to POCKET and HELLO FIREFOX features.
  • Mozilla Developer Edition.
  • Womoz empowerment and it's development gradually.
  • Ways and path of contribution in mozilla.
  • Forming of a new volunteer team SECURITY SIG.
  • Paths and ways of contribution.
  • Status of Mozilla community and it's health.
  • Welcome new contributors.
  • Upcoming contribution opportunities.

The highly enthusiastic Mozpacers and those filled with synergy discussed about the various opportunities and future actions for the growth and development of open source community.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Demonstration of "Do not track" feature and description of Incognito browsing by Kunal Relan.
  • Manifestation of 'Light Beam' tool and add-ons like 'AdBlock Plus' by Harsh.

'Hello Firefox' and 'Pocket' user-friendly features available for users in firefox browser

  • Spread the word of mozilla community by creating various FSA groups.
  • Ways by which community can be strengthened and welcoming the ideas of newbies.
  • Providing better insight of community to newbies by the experiences shared by old contributors.
  • Development of womoz gradually by empowering them with more opportunities.
  • Planning for the future events and upcoming opportunities for old contributors.
  • Development of new SECURITY SIG and addition of contributors who were interested for the same.

Growth of the Community

  • Creating various FSA groups and spreading the word of mozilla.
  • Development of Mozilla community by knowing and generalising the ideas of newbies.
  • Have an insight of interests of new contributors and guide them accordingly

Future plans of the community

  • Reach out to various students and orgainsers and spreading the word.
  • Addition of more members after knowing their interests and keeping track of old contributors so as to what contributions they are making.
  • Orgainising various events and formation of FSA groups and clubs at areas where there are more number of new contributors.

After the meeting

  • New members were added to the mozilla community.
  • Blogposts of the events were shared by contributors.