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To expose the potential, hidden behind the veil of shyness and to remove the taboo attached to most of the Indian housewives, that they lack in technical expertise, Mozilla Delhi Community planned a Womoz Webmaker event, where housewives were the key attendees and participants. The two Mozillian Reps, Ajay Singhi and Anup Mishra aimed to motivate various housewives to be a part of this Makers' Party, so that they could also decipher their interest in making the web.

So, on 18th July'15, the Womoz Webmaker Party was organized at Hindon Airforce Station, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Thus , at least for one day, the homemaker got the opportunity to be a webmaker.


  • Teach them the fundamentals of Webmaker.
  • Basic introduction to Xray Goggles and Thimbles.
  • Introduction to the tools of Webmaker app.
  • Ways for the proper implementation of these tools
  • Impart knowledge regarding the ways to remix website.
  • Remove the misconception that hacking can be performed only by the people having technical knowledge.

Technical Activities

  • The first and foremost thing, those women were asked to do was to create their respective webmaker account.
  • Having discovered their strong liking for the webmaker app, the organizers insisted them to install the same on their phones.
  • With the help of the technical team, the women even hacked, using x-ray goggles.
  • The attendees also remixed a few couple of websites, on their own.
  • Finally, the participants were successful in creating makes using the same.

Fun Activities

After, the huge success of MozCraft, that was planned during various events of the FoxYeah Campaign, the Mozpacers planned to include this session at the final hour of this event. The attendees were asked to design logos and make memes on Firefox Browser and Webmaker. This gave them the space to merge their imagination with the existing logos and memes . They came up with various new designs , that clearly reflected the way, they interpret and understand Mozilla.

At the closing hours of the event, refreshments were served to the attendees.