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Foxyeah event in Chandigarh was held on 28th June 2015, the last Sunday of June. Venue was the Conference Hall in Kissan Bhawan.

The event was planned to promote the FoxYeah campaign and to make people aware of various features of Firefox and why it is different from others.

As expected the participants of the event were students, professionals, housewives, web lovers, FSAs and Mozillians.

The event started with brief introduction to Mozilla, its mission and FoxYeah campaign. Creative videos of the campaign and Firefox 10th anniversary video were shown. The latter showed the celebration of FoxYeah campaign all over the world.

Reasons Behind Selecting Chandigarh

Chandigarh, being one of the most-planned and modern cities of India, a majority of the population use Internet. Thus, the MozPacers considered it as one of the perfect places for Spring Campaign.

Plans of the event

  • Various features of Firefox browser were introduced
  • People were taught about why and what they should consider before adopting a browser.
  • Many features, especially security and new features in Firefox 38.0.5, were introduced to the audience.
  • Lightbeam, AdBlock Plus, Firefox Hello, Forget Button and some Developer Tools were discussed
  • How they can contribute to Mozilla and what are the different areas in which they can contribute. It is not just you must be a technical person to contribute but one can contribute even by reporting bugs, help in documentation and localization.


  • Mozpacers met people personally and asked about their experience in using various browsers.
  • Discussing the in-depth details of Firefox features with the audience.
  • Clearing various doubts and misconceptions of the audience related to internet browsing.
  • FoxYeah stickers were distributed among the audience to put it on their T-Shirts and Laptops.
  • Encourage people to tweet about the event with hash tag FoxYeah so that their friends could also know about it

Extracurricular Activities

The sure pack of diversified refreshment for the diversified community included chowmein, pakora etc .

Then began the creative art session. Activities in this session:

  • People were provided with colorful papers and sketch pens to portray their feelings and imagination regarding Firefox
  • Everyone created very beautiful arts depicting what they feel about Firefox and Mozilla
  • Some created masks while other created creative posters of what Mozilla provide them and why they choose it.
  • Meanwhile, people from the audience were interviewed about their experience at the event and what they feel about Firefox browser now.
  • The whole event was covered through photography and videography.

After the event, the whole team went for lunch. It was a great way of celebrating the success of the event and summing up each one’s experience. Team Members discussed the problems they faced and how they can prevent them from happening in the next event. They also planned other post-event tasks like compiling of photos and videos and preparing documentation to be distributed among themselves.