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After getting favorable outcome from the consecutive events of FoxYeah Campaign held in various cities of North India, the hindmost event of this campaign was conducted at 91, SpringBoard, Gurgaon ( Delhi NCR), on 5th July, 2015.

Like the previous events also, the Mozillian Reps, Ajay Kumar and Anup Mishra sprang up the event with the basic introduction to Mozilla Firefox, Open Source Community, Mozilla projects and FoxYeah Campaign. Unlike the preceding events, where the audience was from diversified backgrounds ranging from students to housewives, this event had specific group of audience belonging to the student community of the capital city.

Reason Behind Selecting Gurgaon(Delhi NCR)

Being the Millennium city of India, Gurgaon, an integral part of National Capital Region, has always harbored a large number of cyber oriented companies. Moreover, a huge section of Delhites( residents of Delhi and NCR) are active users of internet. This city has been flourishing in the field of technology for the past few decades. So, the residents of this city deserve to know and decipher the secret policies and some untold truth of various browsers.

So, through this FoxYeah campaign the MozPacers intended to quench their thirst for knowledge related to technology and web.

Plans of the event

  • Stir awareness amongst the people regarding Mozilla by focusing on its special features like web security.
  • Promote FoxYeah Campaign
  • Special emphasis on the segregating features offered by this browser
  • Promotion of Womoz Programme ( Mozilla for Women)


  • Brief introduction to Firefox Extensions
  • Presentation on internet security by Kunal Relan and it includes how Mozilla ensures safety and maintain privacy for its users
  • Domains covered in the presentations by Harsh:
    a) Complications caused due to tracking of websites
    b) Remedies to avoid tracking
  • Privacy features that have been incorporated in the Firefox V 39 like incognito mode and the forget button
  • Live Demo of the tool LIGHT BEAM by opening various e-commerce sites and thus pointing out how the movements of users in the world of web is under surveillance by third party sites.
  • Use of LIGHT BEAM, an add on by Mozilla to disable such tracking,
  • Presentation of WoMoz by Pushpita Dey , to encourage female contributors to join this community.
  • Discussion Firefox Hello & Firefox Pocket Integration
  • Presence of Delhi Community on various social networking sites like Twiiter, Facebook etc.

Extra Curriculum Activities

Like the other events of this FoxYeah Campaign, some refreshments have been arranged for the attendees and the volunteers.

Fun Activities

  • MozCraft session offered the platform to all the attendees and the volunteers to show their creativity in the field of drawing, making memes and even writing short poems dedicated to Mozilla.
  • Videos of the interviews of the interested attendees were shot , which are to be uploaded on the website of FoxYeah.
  • All the participants of the MozCrafts were given chocolates
  • Before the event was wrapped up, a group photo was clicked , so that the joyful could be framed .